Cancelled My Julep Maven

This passed weekend, after using up all my Julep points I decided to cancel my Julep account. Over the last year and a bit I’ve enjoyed the customer service and the product but I am just tired of being locked in. Even with the option to skip a month, sometimes I would not be on computer for days at time, it was just not making me happy.

My last Julep order with all my Maven points used up.

I have a lot of their nail polish and will continue to share my favorite colors that I haven’t shared already, and there are a lot! It just felt like it was time to move on. There are so many brands out there to try.

Now if a nail polish beauty box came out with a selection from across the board, I’d snap that one up. I’m fickle with my polish like I am with my beauty products which is why I like beauty boxes so much.

Anyway, I called on Saturday, because you have to call to cancel your account (this is incredibly irritating by the way). I was expecting a hard “Don’t Leave” sales pitch but the woman I talked too was polite, took my email, confirmed my name and said I would get an email in a few minutes confirming. Cool. As of Monday afternoon I still hadn’t received my email so I gave them a quick call a few minutes ago and another nice woman confirmed that indeed my cancelation was in the system but the confirmation emails go out in batches and I would probably get one later tonight. If I had a problem I should call back but I needn’t worry.

Overall, I have had a great experience with Julep, I have gifted it to people I love on numerous occasions, and if ever I had a problem they were quick to fix and provide me with a token of appreciation for the trouble. Even though I am leaving, I would totally recommend them if you are a fan of nail polish or want to build up your color collection quickly.

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* Visit Julep and find out about their Maven program (no, it is not an affiliate link).

A Year of Manis In Review

It is hard to believe we are drawing to the end of the year already. I had fun experimenting with different colors, brands, textures, and tools. I’ve learned a lot about my nails, polish, nail art and the wonderful world of nail-polish-a-holics of which I consider myself one — and so does my husband who just rolled his eyes at me when I bought three new bottles of today.

One year means a lot of manicures and thanks to the Flipagram app I am able to share with you in less than 15 seconds almost all of my manis for this year. Don’t blink you might miss one.

I am excited to start a whole new year of my polish addiction. How about you?