Turquoise and Caicos

The Turquoise and Caicos was part of Essie’s 2010 resort collection but was repackaged with Set in Stones and an Essie glass nail file. The turquoise nail polish is such a pretty color. I found the polish to be quite watery and required three coats to get an almost opaque look. Had I not been putting on the glitter layer I probably would have went for a fourth coat.

Essie Nail Polish Kit

The glitter… is awesome. It is very reflective, like having little reflective mirrors on my nails. And to top that off there was not a rough or bumpy appearance that some glitters seem to leave. I did not apply a top coat and for the five days I wore it there were no chips.

Turquoise nail polish with a silver sparkle top coat.

As for the mini Essie glass nail file. I did not care for it at all — maybe for an emergency. It is way too rough and does not provide a smooth finish. It feels more like it is pulling on the nail. I will stick with my awesome Quo glass nail file.

The glass nail file Essie included in their Turquoise, Caicos, and Set in Stone polish kit.

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