Fuzzy Coat Nail Polish

I had fun this summer testing Sally Hansen’s textured nail polishes, the first being the Fuzzy Coat in wool knot. Before I knew any better I applied the polish over a base coat. I was not completely pleased with the results. To get an even-ish coat you have to apply thin coats or else it clumps oddly. Here is a quick video I did showing it. It’s different but I did not love it.

As you can see this heavily textured polish has little worm like flecks in clear polish so you can see the nail bed underneath. It is not a bad look but it did not make me go, “wow!”. Here is what it looks like with the different layers to get an idea of the coverage you get:

Three coats of Sally Hansen's Fuzzy coat with clear base coat.

If you are going to try the fuzzy coat I found it looks best over a contrasting color. I eventually redid the look with a dark blue polish underneath, Cover Girl’s Out of the Blue (one of my faves). Two coats of the fuzzy coat are best, three is over kill and chunky looking.

Three coats of Fuzzy Coat with colored base coat.

Here’s a closer look of the three coats on a base color. I just think it is too many layers and two coats are definitely better if you have a base color.

The final fuzzy coat result with three coats.

Of the two textured polishes I tried I liked this one the least. It felt the most foreign on my nails and I just don’t like the wormy appearance.

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Sugar Coat Nail Polish

I tried two of Sally Hansen’s textured nail polishes this summer. One of my favorites is Sugar Coat in Bubble Plum. I was not sure if I could get into the texture but I found I liked this matte bumpy effect much better than just matte and definitely much better than their Fuzzy polish. The color is beautiful and the texture is subtle but interesting.

Sally Hansen sugar coat polish compared to in bottle.

With the first coat you can notice the bumps but you really need two thin coats to get the full sugar coated effect and to get an opaque looking color. It feels rough and if you are hesitant before buying just feel the label on the front of the bottle — it feels pretty much the same.

Textured nail polish from Sally Hansen in bubble plum.

A few days after these photos were taken I trimmed my nails as they were becoming to un-functionally long for me (in other words I kept hurting myself). After trimming I filed with a course and a fine file with no ill effects. I will definitely be wearing this one again — I want to try doing some coloring blocking with this one and a shiny black.

Have you tried Sugar Coat — or other textured polishes?

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