Cosmic Galaxy Experience

Avon’s Cosmic nail enamel is awesome. I picked up the Galaxy one and I love it. Love it I tell you. It went on lovely (both coats) and leaves a heavily starred holographic sparkle. The blue part is awesome too.

Bright blue Galaxy nail polish.

It dried really fast and was surprisingly durable through a day of house cleaning and excessive hand washing. This is easily one of my favorite blues.

The glitter is a holographic but you really have to look close to see that.

It just has so much sparkle. It really does look like a galaxy.

A close up of the sparkle.

The Cosmic collection had ten shades in all. As I said, had. They are no longer available on the website (at least I couldn’t find them) but I did see some on Amazon.

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Josephine Nail Polish

Back in November I used Julep’s Josephine nail polish to try a Dry Water Marble nail art. I wore it again recently. I think the polish looks like a smokey navy in bottle but it looks more grey when applied. It is very thick, probably could have gone with one coat. I wore it for a few days alone (sorry for the lint!):

My nails are covered with Julep's blue grey nail polish called Josephine.

And then with a new top coat I picked up and absolutely love. Sally Hansen’s Complete Manicure in Copper Penny. It has a mixture of small and really small glitter pieces. It’s so pretty and screams to be put over some color:

I love this nail polish color combo.

I love this color combination but I am definitely going to get a lot of use out of that Copper Penny top coat!

Julep's Josephine with one top coat of Sally Hansen's Copper Penny.

I picked up Copper Penny recently in the drug store so it is still available and Josephine is still available online at Julep.

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Pixie Dust Toes

On Thursday I had the opportunity to go the the local spa, thanks to my mother-in-law, to get a pedicure. Much to my delight they had the new Zoya Pixie Dust colors which I have been wanting to try. It was a tough choice between Carter a royal purple and Liberty a bright blue (from the summer PD collection). Liberty won!

Blue Liberty nail polish against marble floor.

When in doubt go with the blue is what I always say. And I am glad I did. It’s a lovely bright blue.

Zoya blue nail polish against light wood.

Very opaque with wall to wall (or in this case toe to toe) sparkle.

The blue nail polish against brown leather.

The color is pretty consistent under different lighting and backgrounds but everything pops the most with black.

Blue nail polish against a black background.

It seemed like it was a little messy to work with and control but the color is awesome and I love the sparkle. This is a textured nail polish so it is rough to touch. There is no top coat on it.

Now I really do have twinkle toes!

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Orange Tips and Green Dots

This past week I wanted to do something a little fall festive. In my mind I created sparkly pumpkins but in reality it didn’t work so well so I went with sparkly orange tips and green dots. It’s a personal favorite nail art that always gets lots of positive attention and is reasonably easy to do.

I used Sally Hansen’s natural gloss for the base and on the tips I used Zoya’s Tinsley which has become my favorite sparkly orange polish, not that I have a lot of orange but seriously, this stuff has perfect sparkle and I can’t help but smile everytime I see it on.

One of my all time favorite colors is this sparkly orange nail polish by Zoya.

I then strategically placed some dots along the polish line — perfect for hiding what may not be an absolutely perfect line. The dots were made with Deborah Lippmann’s Billionaire using a dotting tool.

My cute little green dots made with Deborah Lippmann's very dark green Billionaire.

When I make a line of dots I always place the center ones first then on each side I space two more. I think it really makes a difference in the symmetry appearance.

A look at my nails in subdued light.

As you can see my nails are short again. I am having a hard time with the squaring off. It just doesn’t feel natural and the corners keep getting caught, even with the sharp points taken off. I will persevere though, for a few more weeks anyway.

A look at my nails in brighter light.

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Butter London Champers

One of the polishes in my Nail Polish Canada purchase was a bottle of Butter London Champers (from their Summer Bespoke Collection). I have wanted to try Butter London for years and was very excited about getting it. The gorgeous color is described by Butter as “opaque rose gold shimmer”.

My First Attempt

Unfortunately this is one of the worst polishes I have tried so far. The polish went on well enough with two coats for a mostly opaque look — I probably could have gone with three. I took my pictures, one under artificial light and one under natural light. I find you can see the hint of rose more in natural light than artificial.

Rose gold nail polish from Butter London -- artificial light.

Like a say really pretty color. When I woke up the next morning there were a bunch of weird bumps in the polish. Now I now you are not supposed to shake nail polish so I didn’t, just to be clear on that. I rolled it in my hands, barely, because it is an awkward shape. The bubbles are small and you can barely see them in any of my pictures unless you are looking for them.

Rose gold nail polish from Butter London -- natural light.

My Second Attempt

But I thought, well maybe this is a sensitive formulation so I thought I will give it a good shake and let it settle for a few days. Giving it a tap when I remember to disperse any bubbles and then give it a try. It reacted exactly the same way.

Arrows pointing to the bubbles in the nail polish.

They are not huge bubbles but still not a smooth finish. To top it off the nail tips chipped the next day too. For a $17 nail polish this is incredibly disappointing.

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Turquoise and Caicos

The Turquoise and Caicos was part of Essie’s 2010 resort collection but was repackaged with Set in Stones and an Essie glass nail file. The turquoise nail polish is such a pretty color. I found the polish to be quite watery and required three coats to get an almost opaque look. Had I not been putting on the glitter layer I probably would have went for a fourth coat.

Essie Nail Polish Kit

The glitter… is awesome. It is very reflective, like having little reflective mirrors on my nails. And to top that off there was not a rough or bumpy appearance that some glitters seem to leave. I did not apply a top coat and for the five days I wore it there were no chips.

Turquoise nail polish with a silver sparkle top coat.

As for the mini Essie glass nail file. I did not care for it at all — maybe for an emergency. It is way too rough and does not provide a smooth finish. It feels more like it is pulling on the nail. I will stick with my awesome Quo glass nail file.

The glass nail file Essie included in their Turquoise, Caicos, and Set in Stone polish kit.

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* Turquoise and Caicos is available from Amazon

Essie’s Boxer Shorts

My last ditch at summer colors was wearing Essie’s Boxer Shorts (1034). I applied two not really smooth coats for an opaque color look. I absolutely love this color which is actually a bit more lavender than the photo highlights.

Essie's pretty lavender nail polish.

In spite of really loving the color I couldn’t help jazzing it up a bit with a coat of Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails xtreme wear Supernova (235) a few days later. Love it! Got a nice response on Instagram for it too.

Essie's boxer shorts topped with a purple sparkle by Sally Hansen.

This sparkle top coat has flecks of purple, pink, and blue. It does look lovely over a light pink polish too.

Sally Hansen purple sparkle on top of Essie's lavender.

Boxer Shorts is part of Essies 2012 Yogaga collection and not available on their website or Amazon. I did see it at Macy’s online shop if you live in the U.S. In Canada you can probably still find it in a Shopper’s Drug Mart, where I found mine. The Supernova top coat is still available in stores where Sally Hansen is sold and at Amazon (see link below).

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