Brazil Inspired Nail Polish

When I first saw the twelve colors for OPI’s Brazil Collection I was immediately drawn to Amazon…Amazoff and knew I had to make it mine. When I was ordering I decided I would also give Live Love and Carnaval a try too. Since they are from the same Brazil Inspired Nail Polish collection I decided to use them together — I love when color matching is made easy.

I experimented with two colors from OPI's Brazil inspired nail polish.

Amazon… Amazoff is a deep green blue that is a bit watery and sheer. It definitely needs two coats for good coverage. Maybe even a third, but I stopped at two because I find three of anything tends to chip quicker. I love the color but it is definitely more green than I expected it to be.

Love the green and would totally wear it alone but love it with the orange accent.

Live Love and Carnaval is a thick creme. I found it needed two coats because the first coat did not go on smoothly and streaked. Lovely bright orange-coral. Both nail polishes dried super fast before I even got around to the top coat.

Having fun with OPI's Brazil inspired nail polish collection.

I love this color combination. I am not sure if I would wear the orange by itself because it really is quite bright but with the green I think it is smashing. I would definitely wear the green all on it’s own though. It’s all in personal preference.

I really find it to be more green than blue.

Have you tried any colors from OPI’s Brazil line?

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Revlon Nail Art Expressionist

I finally got a chance to play with my tube of Revlon Nail Art Expressionist in Pinkcasso (340). This is my second tube from Revlon in this format that I have tried. A few months back I tried the Chalkboard duo. While I like the concept of the double packaging I have decided in terms of function it is quite a nuisance. The double sided bottles are just clumsy to handle.

My color blocked nails with Revlon's Expressionist nail art in Pinkcasso.

If you are not familiar with this brand: one end is the base color with a normal brush and the other end is the decorative color with a thinner nail art brush. I really like the orange and pink color combination. The orange was a bit streaky going on but with the nail art on top I can’t really tell. All I did was make a sideways T and filled in one of the boxes.

I filled in a different box on the thumb for contrast.

On the thumb I filled in the area above the sideways T just to be a little different.

The pink and red nail polish under natural light.

This duo was fun to play with but it will probably be my last unless they decide to split them up and actually sell them as a duo package. I do like the color combos they choose. And the thin nail art brush is actually nice to work with — the right amount of thin and length.

Have you tried any of the duo nail products from Revlon?

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Orange Tips and Green Dots

This past week I wanted to do something a little fall festive. In my mind I created sparkly pumpkins but in reality it didn’t work so well so I went with sparkly orange tips and green dots. It’s a personal favorite nail art that always gets lots of positive attention and is reasonably easy to do.

I used Sally Hansen’s natural gloss for the base and on the tips I used Zoya’s Tinsley which has become my favorite sparkly orange polish, not that I have a lot of orange but seriously, this stuff has perfect sparkle and I can’t help but smile everytime I see it on.

One of my all time favorite colors is this sparkly orange nail polish by Zoya.

I then strategically placed some dots along the polish line — perfect for hiding what may not be an absolutely perfect line. The dots were made with Deborah Lippmann’s Billionaire using a dotting tool.

My cute little green dots made with Deborah Lippmann's very dark green Billionaire.

When I make a line of dots I always place the center ones first then on each side I space two more. I think it really makes a difference in the symmetry appearance.

A look at my nails in subdued light.

As you can see my nails are short again. I am having a hard time with the squaring off. It just doesn’t feel natural and the corners keep getting caught, even with the sharp points taken off. I will persevere though, for a few more weeks anyway.

A look at my nails in brighter light.

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Zoya Tinsley

The first polish I tried from my Nail Polish Canada purchase was the orange Zoya by the name of Tinsley (ZP671). I loved it from the first brush stroke. It is a pale orange which I think works better for my skin tone than a lot of the brighter or neon ones. It is also easier on the eyes. There is a whole lot of minute sparkles in this nail polish which makes it shiny in all kinds of lighting. Here it is under natural lighting:

Zoya Tinsley in natural lighting.

And here it is under a lamp:

Zoya Tinsley under lamp lighting.

I put on two coats and a topcoat (I probably could have put on a third coat but I was happy with the look of two). I found it surprisingly durable even after a full day of housework with my hands in and out of water.

This orange nail polish is from Zoya’s summer collection but I plan on using it as it gets closer to Halloween too.

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