Avon Nail Strips

I was gifted the Racy Lacy nail art strips by a Avon rep. I have used nail strips in the past but this is the first time I used this brand. For me nail strips are a novelty item. They will never replace nail polish for me. To me nail polish is more economical (I can get more manis per bottle than what is supplied in a box of strips–and isn’t it convenient they only put in 18 strips instead of 20) and I feel like I have more control over polish.

The Racy Lacy nail strips are actually transparent where the black netting is and there are a few raised gems on each one. Instead of putting them on bare nails and having them show through I thought I would put them over my L’Oreal Rendezvous red nail polish which sort of matched the gems (it did in my darkly lit living room but not so much in these pictures).

I applied Avon nail strips over my red nail polish.

I usually have no problem fitting the fingers with the nails strip shapes but I always have a problem with my thumbs which have a square cuticle edge instead of rounded, I suspect mostly everyone else does.

A close up of the Racy Lacy Avon nail strips.

I find these strips to be really sturdy to work with; the last Sally Hansen (SH) ones I had kept tearing with the slightest tug and these ones are hefty, maybe a bit too hefty. The excess at tip has to be filed off and it takes more to file them (including some nail) than the SH strips. I had fun putting them on but they are just not my thing — I really enjoy the act of painting on the polish.

My nail art strips from another angle.

No top coat is required and they stayed on the few days I had them on no problem even being over polish. To remove them I only had to peel them off. Avon has over 18 patterns of nails strips to choose from for $10.

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Salon Effects Solids and Prints

Almost a month ago, I bought a solid silver/metal Salon Effects nail polish strips and they were horrible. This was my third pack over the last year or so but my first time using the solid — the patterns are so fun it is hard to refuse them when they are on sale — the previous two packs were prints and they were super easy to apply and I did not have any problem with the strips themselves. This solid colored pack kept ripping and just would not go on right. You cannot tell from my horrible iPod photo (before I got the new one) but the manicure is horrid.

Silver stick on nail strips by Sally Hansen.

I complained about it on Instagram the night I was applying them and one of my followers suggested I email Sally Hansen because she had a good customer service experience with them and said it was important for them to know when there was a problem. Within 24 hours a consultant emailed me back asking for my mailing address and what kind of replacement I would like. My replacement arrived today (cute pattern, eh?).

Salon Effects print nail polish strips from Sally Hansen.

I am not going to use it right away because I have other products in the cue, so to speak, that I want to play with first. But I wanted to mention it because it obviously pays to let them know when you have a legitimate complaint. That being said — she added that I would need to send in the package should I have a future complaint.

Have you had any problem with the nail polish strips? Have you noticed a difference between solids and prints when applying?

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