Repstyle Print Nail Polish

I was really excited about the concept of Essie’s Magnetic Nail Polish. As you can see it includes a magnet on the cap used to create different patterns in the nail polish when held above a fresh coat of laquer. I picked up Repstyle which was to provide a snake skin appearance. You can see the print on the front of the cap.

Removable cap from Essie nail polish.

First off, the how-to printing was so incredibly painful to read I had to photograph to enlarge the directions. I don’t understand why they can’t make bigger labels. I followed the directions but they do not really provide enough information to achieve a perfect design.

Tiny print directions for getting the print to show up in polish.

The first finger I did was the pinky and it turned out not too badly. It is a neat effect. Unfortunately it does not seem to be as easy working through the rest of the fingers as they are bigger and have a larger curve to the nail bed.

Essie magnetic reptile print nail polish.

Because the fingers are curved it is hard to hold the magnet above just one area for five seconds and achieve a pattern allover the nail so I had to sort of roll it from side to side. This makes it awkward to get an even pattern.

Magnetic nail polish results for right hand.

By the time I got to my right hand it seemed like the polish was not interested in working, and yes, I was still working one finger at a time.

Essie bronze sparkle nail polish on right hand.

Over all, I really love the bronze color alone without the reptile print and could get away with just the one coating. I can’t see myself wasting my time trying to get another full set of nails done only to have a ruined manicure (or partially ruined depending on which fingers decide to work) of what is otherwise an awesome color. I’ll probably stick to an accent nail only with this product.

Have you tried any of the magnetic nail art brands?

Update: Ok, a couple weeks after I tried this I decided to give it another go — I was still unsuccessful in getting a full “repstyle” manicure. It was even worse than my first attempt. I definitely would not put out the full price for these polishes.