Holiday Cube from Elf

If you are looking for a gift for the nail addict in your life, Elf Cosmetics has a holiday cube with 14 nail polishes. The main summer color box is out of stock but the other three palettes are still available. And it is on sale for $10. I have tried a few of Elf’s polishes and was surprised by how long they lasted — back in the days when I wore polish for more than 3 or 4 days — and they have lovely colors.

The cute nail polish cube from ELF Cosmetics.

Seriously though, 14 shades of polish for $10!

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* Get your colorful nail polish cube from ELF Cosmetics

Julep Birthdays

I just finished placing two orders at Julep for collections of nail polish for two birthday girls (they are both under sixteen so I can call them “girls” if I want to) on my list next month. It will take a few weeks for their parcels to arrive but shipping was free and I was able to add a little birthday note to each.

For each girl I chose an assortment of color choices I think they would like. As well as include a few add-on bonuses. As a Julep Maven I get 20% off any order and free shipping, even if it is not coming to my home. The only thing I was disappointed about was that there was not a “name” polish for both of them. I think the one that notices the name of her polish will be tinkled pink (yes it was a pink).

Julep definitely makes birthday shopping easy and fun. Gift shopping for that matter. They have gift sets from $25 on up to over $100. Like this one which is a $75 set containing $170 worth of product:

This is a $75 gift set from Julep.

Anyway, if you are looking for ideas for birthdays or even Christmas, if you are shopping already, check out Julep. If you sign up as a Julep Maven then you get 20% off all your purchases and free shipping. And they always include add-on options at a discounted price at the end so I was able to add a few more polishes on for $5. But even if you don’t sign up to become a Maven, shipping is pretty reasonable at $5 to $8.

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