Sweet Heart Nail Tips

I have had this video by Dakota from Luxurious Nails saved in my draft since last year when I came across it because I thought it would be a perfect post for Valentine’s day. I really wasn’t in the mood for anything other than chocolate this year so I kept putting it off. When I finally re-watched the video I realized she had used a stamp which I didn’t have but if you have seen any of my other posts you know I am a fan of the french look with a line of dots and I thought how hard could it be to make little hearts.

Apparently it’s quite hard. I only went with one accent nail because there would be no way for me to make them look remotely similar. At one point I had tried to use little heart stickers for my albums but they didn’t work (in case you were ever thinking of trying). So… this is not the greatest looking. I wasn’t even going to post it but my Instagram/Facebook peeps were pretty encouraging about it — yes, they were probably being nice but really, in the real world we don’t all have perfect manicures — and this definitely isn’t perfect but it is still kind of cute and I kept it for a few days.

My nails with french tips and a sweetheart accent nail for Valentine's.

I used Sally Hansen’s Shell We Dance as the base coat. It is a really pale sheer pink. The white tips were Julep’s Bunny which has been getting goopy on me and I had a hard time with it as you can tell from the pointer finger (I actually put another top coat on it and it hid it better). I added some thinning drops so hopefully the next time I use it will be in my favor. The heart was made with Julep’s Petra which is one of my favortie sparkly colors (I used a large dotting tool for the main humps and a smaller one to bring the color down into a point). And finally the black dots were made with Revlon matte chalkboard.

Did you do anything fun with your nails for the occasion?

Deep French manicure

While I was watching television the other day I saw a French manicure with pale pink tips flash by, sorry I don’t remember what the actual commercial was about but it certainly wasn’t nails. The main thing I noticed about the mani was that the usual white tips of a french manicure were really deep into the nail, almost half. She also had some stone accents but that is above my patience level.

I decided to use circular white adhesive labels, I picked up from the Dollar Store 300 for $1.25, to get a even but curved edge–the model’s actually went straight across the nail and in hind sight I wish I had done that because I kind of liked that too (next time). Anyway, here is the labels in place:

White circular labels in place on nails as marker and protection.

I could have gotten the donut kind that people use for protecting the holes in 3-ring paper but I figured these would give better coverage and protection.

For the base I used Julep’s Marie, a very pale lavendar glaze and for the tips I used Cover Girl’s Pink-finity (One of my favorites. You can see the full pale pink mani on one of my other sites.) And I finished off with my Revlon top coat:

Pink tipped french manicure.

I am happy with how it turned out but I do wish I had used a darker base, perhaps a sheer white. I contemplated adding tiny dots to the seam but could not decide on a color–a bright pink or blue or something else. Maybe in a few days. But overall I am not disappointed.

Over the week I ended up playing with this look a little bit. I could not help myself. First I added a red line between the base and the pink nail tip — as you can see I need a bit more practice with horizontal line drawing. I think it would have been a more interesting effect had my original base coat been a bit darker.

I added a red polish accent strip with a slight sparkle.

For the red strip I used Finger Paints Restoration Red which has a fine sparkle to it and a drawing brush for line drawing.

A close up of the sparkle in the red strip nail tip.

After a few more days I decided as cute as it was it was perhaps too harsh a transition and added a top coat of allover sparkle with Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails Xtreme wear in Supernova (235). I love this sparkle top coat — it has a mixture of purple, pink, and blue. It looks great over lavender nail polish too! My nails kind of remind me of strawberry shortcake like this.

Pink french manicure with sparkle top coat.

Which way do you think was the best?