Brazil Inspired Nail Polish

When I first saw the twelve colors for OPI’s Brazil Collection I was immediately drawn to Amazon…Amazoff and knew I had to make it mine. When I was ordering I decided I would also give Live Love and Carnaval a try too. Since they are from the same Brazil Inspired Nail Polish collection I decided to use them together — I love when color matching is made easy.

I experimented with two colors from OPI's Brazil inspired nail polish.

Amazon… Amazoff is a deep green blue that is a bit watery and sheer. It definitely needs two coats for good coverage. Maybe even a third, but I stopped at two because I find three of anything tends to chip quicker. I love the color but it is definitely more green than I expected it to be.

Love the green and would totally wear it alone but love it with the orange accent.

Live Love and Carnaval is a thick creme. I found it needed two coats because the first coat did not go on smoothly and streaked. Lovely bright orange-coral. Both nail polishes dried super fast before I even got around to the top coat.

Having fun with OPI's Brazil inspired nail polish collection.

I love this color combination. I am not sure if I would wear the orange by itself because it really is quite bright but with the green I think it is smashing. I would definitely wear the green all on it’s own though. It’s all in personal preference.

I really find it to be more green than blue.

Have you tried any colors from OPI’s Brazil line?

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