Essie Shearling Darling

Shearling Darling is a reddy brown opaque nail polish from Essie’s Winter Collection which includes five other pretty awesome looking colors. But this was the one I had to have as soon as I saw it in a magazine. I found it in Shopper’s Drug Mart this week and I even paid full price for it ($11.99 — oh my!).

My nails dressed with Essie's reddy brown Shearling Darling.

This is another one of those pseudo colors that looks almost black in low lighting. Right now I am at my computer with an overhead ceiling light at 5:27 p.m. and it looks black or at least a very dark chocolate.

Dark red Essie nail polish under my lamp light

In brighter light and from the bottle I think it looks like the hot color trend, oxblood; which is one of my favorite colors this season for accessories like shoes, handbags, and nail polish.

Comparing my nail color to my long life buddha figurine.

It is a pretty thick polish going on almost opaque with one coat but needed a second coat to get full coverage over a few peek-a-boo spots. The polish is super shiny on its own but I covered it with Julep’s Freedom Polymer for quick dryness and protection.


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Smokey Taupe

I have been wearing a lot of dark colors lately because those are the colors I usually gravitate to but I do like to mix it up so I am glad I picked up this Cover Girl Smokey Taupe (#215).

My nails covered in Cover Girl's Outlast Smokey Taupe nail polish.

I used two coats to get the opaque look you see. It went on really nice and has a super shine.

I love to dabble in neutral colors like taupe nail polish.

It is quite a bit darker than nude and much lighter than brown.

Under some lighting it looks like a rosy taupe.

It has a slight pink hue to it which really shows up against another beige.

My smoky taupe nails against different backgrounds to show off color variance.

I might jazz it up in a few days with some black stripes or geometrics. We’ll see how my mood goes, at the moment I am enjoying the simplicity of taupe.

Are you a taupe fan? How many do you have in your stash?

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Tempted and Untamed

This fun fall manicure was courtesy of two colors from Avon’s fall collection. These are the first Avon polishes I have worn in some time and I am quite happy with the color and consistency of the enamel. Besides that I am really amazed how well this polish held up, even after five days no chips, not sure if it was because my nails were cut short or what but it was impressive. I am not known for being delicate with my nails so for me to get five days without chipping is unheard of. Here is the untamed creme beige alone:

My nails with Avon's Untamed beige nail polish.

And here it is with the greenish iridescent Tempted sponged on the tips with a make-up sponge.

I sponged the tips with Avon's coordinating Tempted polish.

What do you think of the color? I think it is a nice neutral look for fall, even on short nails.

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June Beach Tones

My first experiment with my summer shades from Julep’s beach box was fun. I kept things simple with one main color and an accent finger.

I love the peachy shade (Karen) which was perfection to apply. I think it blends with my skin tone nicely for a very neutral look.

The brown shade (Faye) was ok to apply, the second coat was definitely more difficult than the other but still an easy application. I like the color but I think it is better suited to someone with a tan or deeper pigment to their skin. On me it looks like I made a mess in the bathroom and forgot to clean up. I will have to try it again with a full manicure, maybe a backdrop for some dots.

Beach tone nail polishes from Julep.

Both shades have a fine sparkle to them that I can see in the bottle but not too much after application unless sunlight is involved.

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