Models Own Valerian

I picked up my first bottle of Models Own nail polish from Nail Polish Canada a few months ago. It’s very dark in the bottle and has a nice multicolour small glitter throughout. Keeping with my blue feeling theme it seemed like the perfect time to try it out. Models Own is a UK brand and sells for about $9.50 here.

Surprise! My nails are short again. I had a lot of sanding to do (refinishing kitchen cupboards) and it was too awkward with the length my nails were getting so I chopped them off to a working size that didn’t get caught up on the sandpaper (ouch!).

The color is called Valerian (NP178). It comes in a stocky bottle with velour-ish cap (part of the Velvet Goth Collection). Surprisingly I didn’t mind the wide cap while applying the polish.

My nails with Models Own Valerian blue glitter nail polish.

It dries to matte finish. After two coats I really wasn’t too sure about it. The formula was a bit finicky to apply.

My nails with three coats of Valerian nail polish.

I decided to put a third coat on and by the time I finished with my top coat my opinion of it improved as well as the unevenness.

Three coats and a top coat.

By the next day color and hint of sparkle had grown on me and made me quite happy when I looked it. As the day went on more sanding ensued. I was shocked only to have a small chip on my middle finger which was easily fixed. I thought for sure they would have all chipped — I’m brutal with the sandpaper.

I wasn’t turned off by the finickiness of this formula so I will probably try another bottle from this brand; probably without glitter to get a feel for it. Have you tried it?

Jet Set Blue Nail Polish

Continuing with the blue theme, here is L’Oreal’s Jet Set to Paris (540). I love, love this shade of blue. The first coat turned out sheerer than I expected and is horrible looking on its own — ok maybe not “horrible” but I’m not a fan of sheer blue. As you can see it is a just a wee bit streaky too but otherwise the formula goes on nice.

One coat of L'Oreal's Jet Set to Paris blue nail polish.

But two coats definitely makes this nail polish beautiful. I love the deep bright tone of this color.

Two coats of Jet Set to Paris on my nails.

Love the color, love the shine — it’s not a full on gloss shine (doesn’t matter because I put a top coat on anyway). It lasted my usual four days before it was time for me to move on to something else.

Here’s one more picture in day light.

My nails with two coats of Jet Set to Paris and a top coat.

What do you think of the color?

Water Color Blue

I said I was going to go on a blue trend and I am following through with Sally Hansen’s Water Color (#570) Complete Salon Manicure which looks quite similar to the Wait N’Sea by China Glaze I had on a few weeks ago.

My blue nails colored with Water Color blue in 570 shade.

While it is similar in color it is not similar in formula. The China Glaze was a bit “finicky” and this one was downright sticky. I absolutely love the color but the formula didn’t go on super smooth and definitely didn’t allow for the slightest fiddling. The first coat is not too bad (above) but not perfect (by my standards) and I probably should have stopped there. It was the second coat that really gave me some grief (below).

My nails with Water Color blue nail polish from Sally Hansen.

This last image is two coats without top coat, yet. The top coat helped to smooth things out a bit. The color is so fabulous. The next time I wear it I might try adding a couple drops of polish thinner to see if that makes a difference.

Wait N’Sea Blue

I’ve been feeling a lack of blue in my life lately so you can expect to see many new blue hues in the posts to come. Beginning with today’s China Glaze Wait N’ Sea from their summer Off Shore collection. 

It is a lovely color but a bit finicky to get a smooth application. As you can see here, one coat is a bit sheer:

One coat of Wait N'Sea on my nails.

But two coats offers a nice opaqueness that I appreciate.

My review of China Glaze Wait N'Sea blue nail polish.

I decided to top it off with a Hard Candy top coat — first time using this brand, picked it up on a whim. It looks more like confetti polka dots than glitter and I loves it. It takes a bit of manipulation to move the confetti around but surprisingly the formula was quite forgiving. I only used one coat. I think it looks awesome with the Wait N’ Sea.

Topped off with a Hard Candy confetti top coat.

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Cosmic Galaxy Experience

Avon’s Cosmic nail enamel is awesome. I picked up the Galaxy one and I love it. Love it I tell you. It went on lovely (both coats) and leaves a heavily starred holographic sparkle. The blue part is awesome too.

Bright blue Galaxy nail polish.

It dried really fast and was surprisingly durable through a day of house cleaning and excessive hand washing. This is easily one of my favorite blues.

The glitter is a holographic but you really have to look close to see that.

It just has so much sparkle. It really does look like a galaxy.

A close up of the sparkle.

The Cosmic collection had ten shades in all. As I said, had. They are no longer available on the website (at least I couldn’t find them) but I did see some on Amazon.

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Playing with Crackle

In the early fall I bought a bunch of Avon nail polishes including these two. At the time I bought them I had not planned to put them together when I pulled them out of the box last week it seemed like a good plan. Meh.

By itself the Suddenly Sunny Speed Dry goes on streaky. Even with a few coats it wasn’t very even. I then thought it was good choice for layering under something. It does dry super fast by the way.

Two coats of Avon's Suddenly Sunny on my nails.

The Mosaic Effects top coat is amazing says the geek in me. It is so cool to watch the cracks get bigger. And I love the color, Plum Illusion — it has a lot of fine sparkle. It’s a nice formula but I couldn’t play with it as the top layer dries pretty fast as it begins to crack. Even with the sparkle I find it a bit dull and think a top coat is required (shown with top coat).

Followed by one top coat of Avon's Mosaic Effects in plum illusion.

I’ve decided I am not much of a yellow person at least when it comes to nail polish colors. I’m definitely a purple fan though. I am also not a fan of the yellow/purple combination.

I really wanted to try the Mosaic Effects plum with another color so I swirled some blue (L’Oreal Not a Cloud in Sight) and gold shimmer (L’Oreal’s Because You’re Worth It) around (dry marble technique) then tried the cracking top coat. While the marbling of the blue and gold worked out nicely I am disappointed it didn’t show through as great as I thought it would through the cracked plum.

I experimented by swirling blue and gold shimmer together for my base under the purple crackle.

It is nice enough but I was just hoping the gold would have been more visible. Oh well, it was good practice. I did notice the second time around that the Mosaic formula is not as nice as when I first opened it — it has thickened up and become a bit goupy.

My final results with the purple crack over the blue and gold nail polish.

Have you tried any crack formulas?

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My First Jelly Sandwich

I have been reading about nail polish jelly sandwiches (glitter top coat between two sheer coats of colored polish) for ages but never tried one. When I was testing Sally Hansen’s Jaded nail polish for Influenster I thought it might make a good jelly sandwich so this week I got out a few of my glitter nail polishes to see what I could come up with.

My first attempt at making Jelly Sandwich nails.

It was not until I went digging through my polishes that I realized most of my glitter based polishes are super fine and color based and I only have three somewhat visible ones that are top coat based (four if I include the Copper Penny one but I have been going crazy with that one lately so I left it out).

The glitter on the pointer finger is Essie’s Set in Stones. It is my fave glitter and is like having little mirrors on my nails. Of the three glitters I sandwiched it is probably my favorite because it provided a lot of medium sized glitter for effect. You can’t tell in the image but it does still have a bit of sparkle.

My nails with Essie glitter sandwiched between Julep nail polish.

Next up is Julep’s Oh Canada which has a mixture of small silver glitter and medium red glitter. I wish I had put on two coats of this glitter but it is not a bad result.

My nails with Julep's Oh Canada glitter sandwiched between the jaded nail polish.

This Revlon Celestial FX is brand spanking new. I didn’t like it. Well, not as a sandwich anyway. I can see all the fine glitter if I look really close (but who wants to look that close — you can see it if you look really close and use your imagination too) and the larger pieces were really hard to get out of the bottle. After two days they lifted off my nails a bit and kept catching on things. It’s really pretty in the bottle though!

My nails with Revlon glitter sandwiched between the Jaded nail polish.

Of course I took an Instagram video at the time so you can see the sparkles a little better.

I would like to try the jelly sandwich nails again with this color but I think it would look better with a medium multi-colored glitter with lots of bits.

Have you tried a jelly sandwich? Do you like the effect?

Jaded Nail Polish

Jaded is the second nail polish from my Sally Hansen Influenster Vox box. This light blue-green (I call it Robin’s egg, some people call it mint green) polish looks opaque in the bottle but it is quite sheer and needs to be built up with layers to get a reasonable opacity. Here is my quick Instagram video of it in case you missed it:

Now let’s take a closer look. Here is one coat. It goes on a little streaky but still tolerable. A little too sheer for my liking for one coat of polish.:

My nails with 1 coat of jaded nail polish from Sally Hansen.

Here is two coats. It is still streaky but the opacity is definitely building up. It feels a bit sticky putting the second coat on.:

My nails with 2 coats of Sally Hansen Jaded nail polish.

And here is three coats. I did not get the completely smooth finish that I would like and expected. The color is really pretty though.:

My nails with 3 coats of Sally Hansen Jaded.

I think I prefer the look of three coats the best. For a sheer formula it is ok but I find sheer polishes especially if they have color look unfinished to me. Like the previous bottle, this one dries so fast and has the superb contoured brush that the Complete Salon Manicure is known for.

Sally Hansen’s line of Complete Salon Manicure is available in 49 nail polish colors from most drug stores at prices ranging from 7.99 to 10.99. This line boasts seven benefits in one bottle: base coat (I used a base coat anyway because it is a dark color and I am paranoid), strengthener, growth treatment, color, top coat, chip resistant, and gel shine finish.

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“I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.”

Josephine Nail Polish

Back in November I used Julep’s Josephine nail polish to try a Dry Water Marble nail art. I wore it again recently. I think the polish looks like a smokey navy in bottle but it looks more grey when applied. It is very thick, probably could have gone with one coat. I wore it for a few days alone (sorry for the lint!):

My nails are covered with Julep's blue grey nail polish called Josephine.

And then with a new top coat I picked up and absolutely love. Sally Hansen’s Complete Manicure in Copper Penny. It has a mixture of small and really small glitter pieces. It’s so pretty and screams to be put over some color:

I love this nail polish color combo.

I love this color combination but I am definitely going to get a lot of use out of that Copper Penny top coat!

Julep's Josephine with one top coat of Sally Hansen's Copper Penny.

I picked up Copper Penny recently in the drug store so it is still available and Josephine is still available online at Julep.

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Pixie Dust Toes

On Thursday I had the opportunity to go the the local spa, thanks to my mother-in-law, to get a pedicure. Much to my delight they had the new Zoya Pixie Dust colors which I have been wanting to try. It was a tough choice between Carter a royal purple and Liberty a bright blue (from the summer PD collection). Liberty won!

Blue Liberty nail polish against marble floor.

When in doubt go with the blue is what I always say. And I am glad I did. It’s a lovely bright blue.

Zoya blue nail polish against light wood.

Very opaque with wall to wall (or in this case toe to toe) sparkle.

The blue nail polish against brown leather.

The color is pretty consistent under different lighting and backgrounds but everything pops the most with black.

Blue nail polish against a black background.

It seemed like it was a little messy to work with and control but the color is awesome and I love the sparkle. This is a textured nail polish so it is rough to touch. There is no top coat on it.

Now I really do have twinkle toes!

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