From Rounded to Square Nails

My nails with square tips.

I've decided to try this square nail tips thing again. As you can see from a recent video they were getting quite long by my standards -- accurate … [Continue reading]

Water Color Blue

My dazzling water color blue nails.

I said I was going to go on a blue trend and I am following through with Sally Hansen's Water Color (#570) Complete Salon Manicure which looks quite … [Continue reading]

Visions of Love

A pretty gold microglitter with hints of pink and opal.

Julep's Love is described as a gold, pearl & fuchsia micro-glitter. It came in my February Maven box and I believe it was a "gift" for Valentine's but … [Continue reading]

Owl Nail Art

My first attempt at owl nail art.

I have been obsessed with owl anything this past year so when I saw MissJenFabulous's Owl Nail Art video over six months ago I knew I had to give it a … [Continue reading]

Wait N’Sea Blue

Amazing watercolor blue color from China Glaze.

I've been feeling a lack of blue in my life lately so you can expect to see many new blue hues in the posts to come. Beginning with today's China … [Continue reading]

Duri Rejuvacote Review

My product review of Duri's Rejuvacote 1 nail treatment.

Nail Polish Canada sent me a bottle of Duri's Rejuvacote 1 to review on I have never heard of this product which is from a Brooklyn, … [Continue reading]

Punch Drunk Pink

My mini review of Sally Hansen's Punch Drunk nail polish.

I love the colour of Sally Hansen's Punch Drunk pink/purple nail polish that many bloggers have likened in colour to the "Radiant Orchid" colour of … [Continue reading]

Summer Nail Polish Collections

My Favorite Nail Polish Summer Collections.

Seasonal nail polish collections always get me excited. There are so many swatch bloggers out there I feel like I can never see them all but there are … [Continue reading]

Wizard of Oz Nail Polish

My review of the four nail polishes in Julep's Wizard of Oz collection.

This is kind of a long post because it involves the four nail polish collection from Julep celebrating the 75th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz movie … [Continue reading]

DIY Elmers Glue Base Coat

How I made out with making DIY glue base coat.

I ordered some clear empty nail polish bottles on Etsy so I could make a glue base coat. If you haven't already heard what that is, basically it's … [Continue reading]