Water Color Blue

I said I was going to go on a blue trend and I am following through with Sally Hansen’s Water Color (#570) Complete Salon Manicure which looks quite similar to the Wait N’Sea by China Glaze I had on a few weeks ago.

My blue nails colored with Water Color blue in 570 shade.

While it is similar in color it is not similar in formula. The China Glaze was a bit “finicky” and this one was downright sticky. I absolutely love the color but the formula didn’t go on super smooth and definitely didn’t allow for the slightest fiddling. The first coat is not too bad (above) but not perfect (by my standards) and I probably should have stopped there. It was the second coat that really gave me some grief (below).

My nails with Water Color blue nail polish from Sally Hansen.

This last image is two coats without top coat, yet. The top coat helped to smooth things out a bit. The color is so fabulous. The next time I wear it I might try adding a couple drops of polish thinner to see if that makes a difference.

Punch Drunk Pink

I love the colour of Sally Hansen’s Punch Drunk pink/purple nail polish that many bloggers have likened in colour to the “Radiant Orchid” colour of the year although I find this more on the pink side. Regardless it is a lovely color.

My review of Sally Hansen's Punch Drunk nail polish in 440.

I only used one coat to cover my nails and as always Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure wide brush makes all the difference in application — I don’t think there is anything else I haven’t said already in previous posts about this brand.

I love the pretty shade of pink with a hint of purple.

It is all about the colour and while I don’t feel stupefied or disoriented it definitely makes me happy. I think Sally has another winner with this one.

The color is reminiscent of Radiant Orchid but I don't think it is an exact match but still, close enough for us average josie's.

Have you tried Punch Drunk yet?

Copper Penny Glitter Top Coat

Over the last month or so I have been going crazy with Sally Hansen’s glitter top coat Copper Penny. First I started off covering up a streaky polish and from there it kind of blossomed into me trying it on a bunch of different colors. Who knew that copper penny glitter pretty much goes with everything.

On Red Nail Polish

My nails with Avon's Racy red under Copper Penny top coat.

On Blue Nail Polish

My L'Oreal cloud is made spicy with a little copper glitter.

On Purple Black Nail Polish

This Sally Hansen purple black has more pisazz with copper penny top coat.

On Steel Grey Nail Polish

My nails with Copper Penny top coat on top of a steel from Revlon.

On Pale Pink Nail Polish

My streaky Zora nail polish from Julep is saved with a top coat of Copper Penny.

On It’s Own

My nails with a simple top coat of Sally Hansen's copper penny.

There is just the right amount of glitter in this bottle to make it the perfect top coat for any polish. It’s a great formula too. One coat works for a little glimmer and two coats for a lot more sparkle. I like the combination of small and small-medium round glitter. I had fun playing with all the different color combinations — I want to put it on everything!

Have you tried Copper Penny (look for it at Walmart, Target, Shopper’s Drug Mart, etc)? How did you work it?

My First Jelly Sandwich

I have been reading about nail polish jelly sandwiches (glitter top coat between two sheer coats of colored polish) for ages but never tried one. When I was testing Sally Hansen’s Jaded nail polish for Influenster I thought it might make a good jelly sandwich so this week I got out a few of my glitter nail polishes to see what I could come up with.

My first attempt at making Jelly Sandwich nails.

It was not until I went digging through my polishes that I realized most of my glitter based polishes are super fine and color based and I only have three somewhat visible ones that are top coat based (four if I include the Copper Penny one but I have been going crazy with that one lately so I left it out).

The glitter on the pointer finger is Essie’s Set in Stones. It is my fave glitter and is like having little mirrors on my nails. Of the three glitters I sandwiched it is probably my favorite because it provided a lot of medium sized glitter for effect. You can’t tell in the image but it does still have a bit of sparkle.

My nails with Essie glitter sandwiched between Julep nail polish.

Next up is Julep’s Oh Canada which has a mixture of small silver glitter and medium red glitter. I wish I had put on two coats of this glitter but it is not a bad result.

My nails with Julep's Oh Canada glitter sandwiched between the jaded nail polish.

This Revlon Celestial FX is brand spanking new. I didn’t like it. Well, not as a sandwich anyway. I can see all the fine glitter if I look really close (but who wants to look that close — you can see it if you look really close and use your imagination too) and the larger pieces were really hard to get out of the bottle. After two days they lifted off my nails a bit and kept catching on things. It’s really pretty in the bottle though!

My nails with Revlon glitter sandwiched between the Jaded nail polish.

Of course I took an Instagram video at the time so you can see the sparkles a little better.

I would like to try the jelly sandwich nails again with this color but I think it would look better with a medium multi-colored glitter with lots of bits.

Have you tried a jelly sandwich? Do you like the effect?

Red My Lips

This is the last polish in the trio I received in my Sally Hansen Vox Box for review from Influenster. It is probably my favorite in terms of color and formula. I love classic red nail polish and this formula, although slightly sheer it goes on so smoothly and looks great even with one coat — I could see my nail line but didn’t care so much with this color. This is two coats and no top coat (1 and 2 didn’t look much different in the images):

My nails with two coats of Sally Hansen's Red My Lips nail polish.

I was brave and didn’t use a base coat and did not experience any staining later when I removed it. Like the other polishes I got about four days of wear before I noticed nail wear along the edges. Around day two I ended up putting on a top coat because I started noticing red streaks I was leaving behind if my nails brushed across something hard; like the white plastic on the inside of my fridge. It stopped with the top coat.

Sally Hansen’s line of Complete Salon Manicure is available in 49 nail polish colors from most drug stores at prices ranging from 7.99 to 10.99. This line boasts seven benefits in one bottle: base coat (I used a base coat anyway because it is a dark color and I am paranoid), strengthener, growth treatment, color, top coat, chip resistant, and gel shine finish.

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“I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.”

Jaded Nail Polish

Jaded is the second nail polish from my Sally Hansen Influenster Vox box. This light blue-green (I call it Robin’s egg, some people call it mint green) polish looks opaque in the bottle but it is quite sheer and needs to be built up with layers to get a reasonable opacity. Here is my quick Instagram video of it in case you missed it:

Now let’s take a closer look. Here is one coat. It goes on a little streaky but still tolerable. A little too sheer for my liking for one coat of polish.:

My nails with 1 coat of jaded nail polish from Sally Hansen.

Here is two coats. It is still streaky but the opacity is definitely building up. It feels a bit sticky putting the second coat on.:

My nails with 2 coats of Sally Hansen Jaded nail polish.

And here is three coats. I did not get the completely smooth finish that I would like and expected. The color is really pretty though.:

My nails with 3 coats of Sally Hansen Jaded.

I think I prefer the look of three coats the best. For a sheer formula it is ok but I find sheer polishes especially if they have color look unfinished to me. Like the previous bottle, this one dries so fast and has the superb contoured brush that the Complete Salon Manicure is known for.

Sally Hansen’s line of Complete Salon Manicure is available in 49 nail polish colors from most drug stores at prices ranging from 7.99 to 10.99. This line boasts seven benefits in one bottle: base coat (I used a base coat anyway because it is a dark color and I am paranoid), strengthener, growth treatment, color, top coat, chip resistant, and gel shine finish.

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“I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.”

Pat On the Black

This month I received a bottle of Pat on the Black nail polish complimentary from Influenster via their Sally Hansen Vox Box (along with two other colors I will post about separately). There are a couple things I like about the Complete Salon Manicure lacquers. First the large bottle size, it’s easy to hold and the name is right on top of the cap so I don’t have to go hunting for it. The large brush is king, it makes getting polish on before it starts to dry quick and easy. It has a nice rounded tip to give me more control near the cuticle. I am disappointed however that they changed the black rubber band to just plastic — the black rubber makes it significantly easier to open the bottles.

My nails with Sally Hansen's Pat on the Black nail polish from the Complete Salon Manicure collection.

I was able to get opaque color with two coats and it dried really fast — no smudges. It’s super shiny too. I love how the color looks like deep purple-plum in some light and almost black in others. It’s a fun shade.

The plum black nail polish from Sally Hansen.

I had some tiny chips two days later but they were super easy to touch up without telling — I put a little dab on, let it dry, then put a thin coat over the whole nail.

My nails under a bright lamp.

I wore Pat on the Black for four days before I switched it up with some Copper Penny (I know I am addicted to this glitter). You can see the nail edges were starting to wear a bit.

My Pat on the Black nails with a top coat of Sally Hansen Copper Penny.

Sally Hansen’s line of Complete Salon Manicure is available in 49 nail polish colors from most drug stores at prices ranging from 7.99 to 10.99. This line boasts seven benefits in one bottle: base coat (I used a base coat anyway because it is a dark color and I am paranoid), strengthener, growth treatment, color, top coat, chip resistant, and gel shine finish.

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“I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.”

Josephine Nail Polish

Back in November I used Julep’s Josephine nail polish to try a Dry Water Marble nail art. I wore it again recently. I think the polish looks like a smokey navy in bottle but it looks more grey when applied. It is very thick, probably could have gone with one coat. I wore it for a few days alone (sorry for the lint!):

My nails are covered with Julep's blue grey nail polish called Josephine.

And then with a new top coat I picked up and absolutely love. Sally Hansen’s Complete Manicure in Copper Penny. It has a mixture of small and really small glitter pieces. It’s so pretty and screams to be put over some color:

I love this nail polish color combo.

I love this color combination but I am definitely going to get a lot of use out of that Copper Penny top coat!

Julep's Josephine with one top coat of Sally Hansen's Copper Penny.

I picked up Copper Penny recently in the drug store so it is still available and Josephine is still available online at Julep.

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Santa Baby Nails

I knew when I watched QTplace’s Santa nail art video I had to try it. So much cuteness and it looked so doable. Here is her step by step video:

I was so excited when I sat down with my nail polish to work on this nail art. For polish I used:

* Sally Hansen Insta-Dry 280 Rapid Red
* Julep Zora for skin tone
* L.A. Colors white
* And Julep’s Joelle for the sparkling accent nail.

When I got started I quickly realized how much I loved the Rapid Red and Joelle polishes (they are both new) that I had to make a quick Instagram about them:

The video and even this close up do not show how pretty this holographic polish is. It’s like trying to catch pretty snow on film. It never works.

I have two coats of Julep's sparkly top coat called Joelle.

At this point I thought things were progressing ravishingly. Can I say that? Too late, all ready did it. Anyway. I fiddled with Santa’s cuffs and face and thought it was pretty cute. Before the top coat I thought, “Well maybe I will make the eyes a wee bit bigger. Big mistake! As I was doing that my hand had a spastic reflex and smoosh, black all over the face. I tried too clean it up but just made it worse. I let it dry and tried doctoring over it with more flesh polish and redoing the eyes. I ended up with this, a smooshy lumpy Santa face:

My attempt at Santa nail art.

My Instagram friends were sweet saying it was still “cute” but… I know they were just being nice because I was freaking out. Anyway, this mani lasted for about two hours before I rubbed it off. So the moral of this story when you are doing nail art is, “Don’t fudge with it!” — and practice your design on something else first. Normally I do but for some reason I was overly confident.

A day or so later, I was really yearning for some more of the Sally Hansen Rapid Red (so pretty) that I just did a simple manicure with it. The red is almost completely opaque with one coat but is totally opaque with two coats. This brand has an extra wide brush so I find it easy to polish each nail in two to three strokes. I love the consistency of this one which makes me love the color even more (but it does tend to thicken quickly if open for long periods). It’s super shiny too, no top coat in this photo.

My nails were very happy with Sally Hansen's Rapid Red.

And followed it with the holographic sparkle. How beautiful! Am I right, or am I right? The holographic sparkle is so pretty. By itself in the Santa photos I used two coats, over top of the red I used one. I think they are a perfect holiday combination.

I topped my red nails with the Joelle sparkle.

You’ll notice too that my nails were starting to get a pretty good squared edge in the Santa photo. There were a couple days in between where we removed some cupboards in the kitchen so I had some damage and spliting (I had no polish on to protect them). But I didn’t want to trim them until I had to chance to see this polish combination at this length. I guess I could have buffed them a bit to reduce the chip appearance but I really hate to do that to my nails unless absolutely necessary. I am not going to give up on the square nails yet — I almost had it this time.

Here is my new manicure in motion:

What are you painting on your nails for the holidays?

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Cute and Easy Halloween Nail Art

After the fun I had with the ghosts, I realized the Halloween nail art bug had bit and hit YouTube looking for more easy designs with a high cute factor and came across this video by MissJenFabulous from 2012 where she shares not one but five how-to nail art ideas in one video. Talk about making my life easier. I had to try them all (well except the eye one because that was too creepy). First, here is her how to video (don’t worry, it’s only 6 minutes):

Frankie was fun and super easy. What could be easier than stitches? And oh my gawd so fricking cute. I used Julep’s Fiona for the green base (I actually thought I would never have a use for it again but the color is perfect) and my Sally Hansen black nail art pen and a little white from L.A. Colors Art Deco nail lacquer.

Cute nail art with Frankenstein accent nail and stitches on green flesh.

The vampire one was a little more challenging than Frankie. Dracula is cute but I think I put his eyes too far apart. I need more practice with the faces on my nail beds so I can get used to spacing — I might draw some nail beds on paper to get in some practice on such a small canvas. I am a little pissed my top coat brush picked up the red and transferred to the white (I don’t understand, I used quick drops and waiting until they were dry). For the base I used Julep’s Bunny and for the blood red I used Julep’s Myrtle (a fave red). For the detail I used my Sally Hansen nail art pen in black. I love the dripping blood on this one, even if you don’t care for the vampire accent nail the bloody nails can be used for so many costumes and for me was the best part of this nail art. I have seen this technique used with other colors for effect too. Now that I have done it I am looking forward to doing it again.

Red bloody nails nail art with vampire accent nail.

For the skull nail art I used Sally Hansen complete Salon Manicure in 410 Lavender Cloud (also used for ghost nail art a few weeks ago) for the base and for the black accent I used the L.A. Colors Art Deco lacquer. I was looking forward to doing the skulls because they are a little edgier but when it came down to it I found it a lot harder than I expected. I think that is because the pattern is repeated over all nails instead of just the accent nails like the other two. There was more pressure of screwing up. I also found that after finishing the details on one hand my bottle of L.A. Colors was gooping up. So much so I had to add thinner to keep going. When I first did the skulls I didn’t like them but as the day wore on they really grew on me. And they look pretty cool upside down too. My husband thought they were ghosts at first. Again, I think I need more practice with eye placement, perhaps a bigger dotting tool too.

Simple white skull nail art on all five nails.

I skipped the eyeballs, they look cute but I think I’d get creeped out looking at them all day. I am in the process of working on the ghoulies with my basecoat colors already in place. I love the color combination so much that I am going to enjoy them for a few days before I put the faces on them but I wanted to get this post up. I will definitely update this post when I do. There is no top coat on these yet but the colors from pinky: Julep’s Fiona, Rimmel Lasting Pro Finish 370 Wild Orchid (fave), Revlon Brilliant Strength 220 Provoke, and Julep’s Bess.

A mixture of colored nails polishes on one hand.

Update: Here is the ghoulie nail art. I hate them. I just could not get control of my brush. But even though they are a mess there is something kind of cute about them. I definitely still love the base color combinations.

Colorful ghoul Halloween nail art for fall.

Of all of these Frankie was definitely the easiest for me but I definitely enjoyed doing them all. You have to give it a go. It’s been seriously fun.

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