Bingo Pattern Nail Art Ideas

There are many steps in a woman’s beauty regimen, involving toners, creams, lotions and a whole bunch of other products to keep our hands, face, hair and the rest of our body in the best condition possible. A study posted on Women’s Health reveals that we spend about 55 minutes a day working on our face and hair alone, which does not even compare to the amount of time we spend on our manicures! Though some of us do not notice the time that goes into our nails since we end up turning our trip to the salon into a social gathering.

While it is nice to be waited on hand and foot (literally!), doing your own manicure is equally, if not, more satisfying, especially for those of us who have an artsy side. Having a home nail spa allows you to take creative liberties with your designs, letting you experiment with different colors, patterns and even textiles.

Over the years, we have seen some eccentric designs, including cable knit nails showcased on Mashable, but one pattern that many people have started to take an interest in are those that are bingo inspired.

For a while, bingo was nothing more than just a way to entertain people, but as the growth of online bingo communities flourished, fashion and beauty experts saw the positive influence the game could have on their respective industries. Other than Beauty Bingo events that rewarded attendees with an amazing salon and bingo experience combined, gaming operators often use make-up and shopping giveaways to increase gameplay as well as offer titles such as Make Over Magic on Iceland Bingo to solidify the strong connection between bingo and beauty.

Not sure where to start with your bingo nail look? First things first. Traditional bingo balls have five colors: yellow, green, red, blue, and white. There are a total of 75 numbers to choose from. The numbers are divided up as follows: B 1 to 15, I 16 to 30, N 31 to 45, G 46 to 60, and O 61 to 75. You can pick a number from each letter and put a different color on each nail or you can pick your favorite colors and limit yourself to two or three colors.

Traditional bingo balls have the following layer. Bright color, white circle, followed by a small letter above a larger number. Nothing says you have to follow this format. Go where your creativity leads you, or the size of your nail bed and length of your nails. Here is a basic layout to get your started:

Traditional bingo nail art using base colors and numbers on each finger spelling out the word.

If you don’t like the starkness of the surrounding colors you can add little white dots to break it up.

Bingo Nail Art patterns do require small paintbrushes and steady hands but do not let that keep you from trying. At the very least a dotting tool can be used to make the white circle then use a Sharpie to write in your letter and number. Or you can paint your nails one color and practice your favorite number on your thumb (like O clickety click — true bingo-aholics will know what that is). If these still appear too difficult for you to execute, you can always bring a picture with you the next time you have got an appointment with your nail esthetician.

Bundle Monster Halloween Nail Stamp Plate

Nail Polish Canada (NPC) sent me a Bundle Monster Halloween nail stamp to try. This is my first experience with actual nail stamping. I bought a mini kit a while ago but haven’t gotten the chance to test it out. Since NPC only sent the plate I used the stamper and scraper from my other kit.

A bundle monster nail stamp plate.

I have to say. The whole process took me longer than I thought it would and the results were very poor.

Nail Stamp Attempt #1 — My excitement was pretty high. I decided to play with a few colors (they just happen to all be Julep) to see what kind of results I would get. I thought black, white, and fiona green were pretty much Halloween standards.

My first attempt with nail art stamping I used black, white, and green colors.

First up was measuring the designs with my fingers which surprisingly had a limited fit.

My forefinger against the nail plate images for sizing.

As was my thumb. I never really considered my fingers especially small but according to the designs on this plate… my fingers are dainty.

My thumb beside nail plate for size measuring.

As you can see, my first attempt was less than stellar other than the forefinger design (no idea what it is — bloody eyeball??). Part of the three pumpkins worked but it was too wide for my fingers. Overall, I think I prefer the black on white designs. The white on black would have been nice but I didn’t have enough polish (and it doesn’t fit my thumb).

The final results of my first attempt at nail stamping.

Nail Stamp Attempt #2 — With this attempt I stayed with the white and black.

My color choices for my second attempt.

Again, unless it is a bright thick white, it doesn’t show up on black. I tried a bright orange and a bright red. The bright red however looks awesome on the white — again the same stamp worked.

My second attempt at nail stamping.

Nail Stamp Attempt #3 — With this attempt I kept the black and white and swapped in the bright red for a base color. My work space was starting to get messy at this point and the novelty was wearing off a bit.

My third attempt at nail stamping with red, black and white.

The results were a little better. The red definitely looks nice on white (not surprised) and white on black is interesting too. Black on red didn’t work as well as I thought it would.

The results of my 3rd attempt.

Nail Stamp Attempt #4 — Finally I decided to do away with color as a base and went to white. And red for stamping. I was so tired at this point I didn’t care and pretty much gave up. Nothing was really salvageable from this attempt.

My fourth attempt at using the nail stamp plate.

As you can see from my above attempts, color and formula play a huge role in whether the stamper will work. Dark on light definitely works best; like with all nail art (but I thought I would try anyway). And definitely the slower the formula is to dry the better. But my biggest disappointment was the size of the designs.

It’s best to have plenty of cotton pads and nail polisher remover on hand and to work on a couple layers of paper towel as things get messy when it comes time to do some scraping.

My nail stamp and scraper.

After the fourth attempt I gave up for the night and even though I don’t feel I had any real success I want to try again with smaller designs and a better color plan in mind. With all the other nail arts I’ve tried I have practiced on fake nails beforehand but for some reason I thought this would be a piece a cake and didn’t bother. There is definitely some skill involved in the rolling of the stamper (and how the excess polish is scraped off) that I didn’t anticipate but like with all nail art I think it is something that can be easily developed with practice on a down day.

NPC has lots of Bundle Monster nail plates including more Halloween designs. Their nail plates sell for $4 each and if that is all you order their shipping is free (normally free with a purchase over $25).

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Owl Nail Art

I have been obsessed with owl anything this past year so when I saw MissJenFabulous’s Owl Nail Art video over six months ago I knew I had to give it a whirl (I finally decided to do it for my vacation trip back home and they lasted the whole week — I received great compliments too). I love Jen’s videos and this one is so short and straight to the point and the owls are incredibly cute. Have a look at her video tutorial:

I practised this once on some plastic fingers and again on a post-it note. I highly recommend practising what you are going to do before hand so you can get a feel for each of your polish choices and how they react when using a dotting tool etc.

First things first was the owl base to represent the main feather area. I used :

I worked the colors on both hands using the self-adhesive reinforcements like Jen did in the video. I almost stopped there because I liked the look so much but I’ll have to remember to do this another time — one color obviously.

To start things off I used paper hole reinforcements to give a nice curve at the nail bed.

When I looked at all four colors on my nails I kind of cringed a bit. I can humbly admit I am horrible at coordinating more than two colors but I was also limited by the choice of shimmer polishes I had. I wanted them to be in the same family at least and somewhat similar to video.

I love the look of the exposed matrix.

But once I started putting on the details it really pulled the colors together and made them look much better.

For the details I used:

  • Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud (bellies)
  • Julep Catrina (yellow eyes)
  • Art Deco black (pupils)
  • Julep Nan (beak)
  • Julep Rooney (stomach spots)

If you have any Sally Hansen whites in the Complete Salon Manicure I highly recommend them for doing the belly because the brush is so wide and made it so much easier to get the owl belly shape.

This Sally Hansen polish seems to be my go-to when I am doing nail art.

Once the eyes go in it really starts to come together across all fingers. They are pretty cute already!

I find I am getting better at dotting eyes the more practice I get. They are pretty cute.

And then the beaks. I used a little brush which I can control more than a striping brush for intricate details.

A little more cuteness with the addition of the beaks.

Then the belly spots.

I tried to vary the size of the dots like she did but occasionally forgot, still not bad.

I think they turned out pretty good if I do say so myself! Bare in mind no one will be looking as close as these pictures so the little flubs will be unnoticeable.

I had so much fun doing this nail art and love the results.

It wasn’t too hard; the left hand was considerably more tricky of course but I made a point of working on it first. This is the best nail art to turn out on my left hand so far. Overall, I would totally recommend attempting this nail art. I’d like to do it again with some funky pastels.

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DIY Nail Strips

You know those expensive nail strips that come in a box with different patterns. Well you can make your own… sort of. Last year I saw a video (shocker!) for DIY nail strips with a water marble look to them and it has always been in the back of my mind to try it. I searched high and low for the original video but couldn’t find it — not sure if she removed it or I imagined it. This week I decided to give it a try based on what I remember.

First off, colors. I chose three from my Julep stock: Lena, an iridescent green; Myrtle, a deep red; and Charlie, a bright yellow.

My three color choices for DIY nail strips.

I took a piece of Saran Wrap and tightened it over a white cereal bowl. On it I painted 10 spots with my base coat (I tried a test without base coat and I couldn’t get them off the Saran). On the dried base coat I put a few drops of each color and swirled them around with a toothpick. I put the bowl aside for a few hours and tested, still not dry enough to peel off. I promptly forgot about them.

A few days later I peeled them off — it wasn’t super easy but once I lifted an edge up it peeled right off. I crumpled up the Saran to save for another nail project. I put the strips aside and forgot about them again for a few more days.

When I finally sat down to use them I was afraid they would be too brittle but I lucked out.

I started by laying out the nail strips in order from thumb to pinky. I applied a basecoat to my nails and because my nail strips were not perfectly engineered I decided to paint one coat of Lena to act as a base color for any show through — I worked one nail at a time by the way.

My nails showing the DIY nail strips process: one with a base coat, one with the color coat, and done with the strip in place.

While Lena green was drying I used nail clippers to shape the strip I was working on to give it a straighter edge and alter sides to look more like a strip.

I applied the strip, base coat side down because it is the smoother side to the tacky nail polish and pressed it into place with a finger on the opposite hand. I then used an orange stick to gently press over it with a little more pressure. And clippers to carefully shape the tip to match my nail edge.

I did each nail in this manner then applied my Julep top coat.

My nails strips completed on one hand and laid out ready for the other hand.

It still didn’t fill in the bumps like I wanted it to so I applied two more coats of my Zoya base coat because it is thin and it was what was handy. A day later I did file the tips to make sure I had a smoother edge and gave them another top coat and sealed the tips.

My designs were pretty random and I probably could have assigned more control over what colors showed up the most but I really created them all willynilly this first try. Here’s a close up of one of my favorites.

A close up of one of my favorite designs.

Overall I didn’t mind the process. I love the marbling of three colors and the fact that it is not as messy as the true water marbling process — but there is something that is so perfect about water marbling that still makes me want to do it. That being said I know I will probably attempt this technique again. The DIY nail strips lasted me for my usual four days before I got bored and peeled them off — I just had some touch up cleaning to do with remover. Not sure what is happening with the middle nail of this photo but there definitely isn’t a chunk missing. The strips were all intact when I removed them except for a small chip on the ring finger.


How about you are you game to try or have you already?

I went looking for the original video again because I really like to show where I get ideas from but still couldn’t find it. But I did find three others you might find helpful if what I have said up above wasn’t enough:

Reese Dixon’s Nail Art Stickers

Reese uses parchment paper which is a great idea. I use parchment paper for baking cookies so I’ll have to remember this the next time I try.

DB DIY Nail Decals

This video shows how to make simple nail art on clear polish and put it over a darker color. Kind of like mini decals.

Julie Ventura Large Nail Strip

A completely different method that makes a large nail strip and pastes in reverse.

I’m confident you will come away with great techniques from each video to get you through the process.

Racing Stripes

This weekend I decided that Julep’s Isla and Cover Girl’s Grapevine should meet. I think it was a pretty good collaboration and that the sheen of these two polishes work well together. I decided to paint the purple on in two blocks leaving a clear strip down the middle for Isla to fill in. I thought about using strip tape but didn’t bother as I didn’t have the patience (working with tape makes me cranky too).

Cover Girl's Grapevine in two blocks on each side of my nail.

My husband said they look like racing stripes, hence the title.

In some light Isla looks like a shiny white.

While Cover Girl’s grapevine is very forgiving with the brush strokes I didn’t find it to be the case with Isla even though I was working with such a small area. I have a feeling on a full nail it would show all kinds of horrors — that being said, I would like to try it as a french tip with a dark blue or matte black for kicks.

Grapevine is pretty true to color with what I see in the bottle.

When I ordered Isla I actually thought it was a silver chrome but it looks more like a mother of pearl white to me. If you are interested it is currently on sale at Julep for $4.99. It looks like Grapevine is still available from drugstores and I found it on Amazon and linked it below.

My racing stripes nail art in natural light.

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Revlon Nail Art Expressionist

I finally got a chance to play with my tube of Revlon Nail Art Expressionist in Pinkcasso (340). This is my second tube from Revlon in this format that I have tried. A few months back I tried the Chalkboard duo. While I like the concept of the double packaging I have decided in terms of function it is quite a nuisance. The double sided bottles are just clumsy to handle.

My color blocked nails with Revlon's Expressionist nail art in Pinkcasso.

If you are not familiar with this brand: one end is the base color with a normal brush and the other end is the decorative color with a thinner nail art brush. I really like the orange and pink color combination. The orange was a bit streaky going on but with the nail art on top I can’t really tell. All I did was make a sideways T and filled in one of the boxes.

I filled in a different box on the thumb for contrast.

On the thumb I filled in the area above the sideways T just to be a little different.

The pink and red nail polish under natural light.

This duo was fun to play with but it will probably be my last unless they decide to split them up and actually sell them as a duo package. I do like the color combos they choose. And the thin nail art brush is actually nice to work with — the right amount of thin and length.

Have you tried any of the duo nail products from Revlon?

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Sweet Heart Nail Tips

I have had this video by Dakota from Luxurious Nails saved in my draft since last year when I came across it because I thought it would be a perfect post for Valentine’s day. I really wasn’t in the mood for anything other than chocolate this year so I kept putting it off. When I finally re-watched the video I realized she had used a stamp which I didn’t have but if you have seen any of my other posts you know I am a fan of the french look with a line of dots and I thought how hard could it be to make little hearts.

Apparently it’s quite hard. I only went with one accent nail because there would be no way for me to make them look remotely similar. At one point I had tried to use little heart stickers for my albums but they didn’t work (in case you were ever thinking of trying). So… this is not the greatest looking. I wasn’t even going to post it but my Instagram/Facebook peeps were pretty encouraging about it — yes, they were probably being nice but really, in the real world we don’t all have perfect manicures — and this definitely isn’t perfect but it is still kind of cute and I kept it for a few days.

My nails with french tips and a sweetheart accent nail for Valentine's.

I used Sally Hansen’s Shell We Dance as the base coat. It is a really pale sheer pink. The white tips were Julep’s Bunny which has been getting goopy on me and I had a hard time with it as you can tell from the pointer finger (I actually put another top coat on it and it hid it better). I added some thinning drops so hopefully the next time I use it will be in my favor. The heart was made with Julep’s Petra which is one of my favortie sparkly colors (I used a large dotting tool for the main humps and a smaller one to bring the color down into a point). And finally the black dots were made with Revlon matte chalkboard.

Did you do anything fun with your nails for the occasion?

Playing with Crackle

In the early fall I bought a bunch of Avon nail polishes including these two. At the time I bought them I had not planned to put them together when I pulled them out of the box last week it seemed like a good plan. Meh.

By itself the Suddenly Sunny Speed Dry goes on streaky. Even with a few coats it wasn’t very even. I then thought it was good choice for layering under something. It does dry super fast by the way.

Two coats of Avon's Suddenly Sunny on my nails.

The Mosaic Effects top coat is amazing says the geek in me. It is so cool to watch the cracks get bigger. And I love the color, Plum Illusion — it has a lot of fine sparkle. It’s a nice formula but I couldn’t play with it as the top layer dries pretty fast as it begins to crack. Even with the sparkle I find it a bit dull and think a top coat is required (shown with top coat).

Followed by one top coat of Avon's Mosaic Effects in plum illusion.

I’ve decided I am not much of a yellow person at least when it comes to nail polish colors. I’m definitely a purple fan though. I am also not a fan of the yellow/purple combination.

I really wanted to try the Mosaic Effects plum with another color so I swirled some blue (L’Oreal Not a Cloud in Sight) and gold shimmer (L’Oreal’s Because You’re Worth It) around (dry marble technique) then tried the cracking top coat. While the marbling of the blue and gold worked out nicely I am disappointed it didn’t show through as great as I thought it would through the cracked plum.

I experimented by swirling blue and gold shimmer together for my base under the purple crackle.

It is nice enough but I was just hoping the gold would have been more visible. Oh well, it was good practice. I did notice the second time around that the Mosaic formula is not as nice as when I first opened it — it has thickened up and become a bit goupy.

My final results with the purple crack over the blue and gold nail polish.

Have you tried any crack formulas?

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Santa Baby Nails

I knew when I watched QTplace’s Santa nail art video I had to try it. So much cuteness and it looked so doable. Here is her step by step video:

I was so excited when I sat down with my nail polish to work on this nail art. For polish I used:

* Sally Hansen Insta-Dry 280 Rapid Red
* Julep Zora for skin tone
* L.A. Colors white
* And Julep’s Joelle for the sparkling accent nail.

When I got started I quickly realized how much I loved the Rapid Red and Joelle polishes (they are both new) that I had to make a quick Instagram about them:

The video and even this close up do not show how pretty this holographic polish is. It’s like trying to catch pretty snow on film. It never works.

I have two coats of Julep's sparkly top coat called Joelle.

At this point I thought things were progressing ravishingly. Can I say that? Too late, all ready did it. Anyway. I fiddled with Santa’s cuffs and face and thought it was pretty cute. Before the top coat I thought, “Well maybe I will make the eyes a wee bit bigger. Big mistake! As I was doing that my hand had a spastic reflex and smoosh, black all over the face. I tried too clean it up but just made it worse. I let it dry and tried doctoring over it with more flesh polish and redoing the eyes. I ended up with this, a smooshy lumpy Santa face:

My attempt at Santa nail art.

My Instagram friends were sweet saying it was still “cute” but… I know they were just being nice because I was freaking out. Anyway, this mani lasted for about two hours before I rubbed it off. So the moral of this story when you are doing nail art is, “Don’t fudge with it!” — and practice your design on something else first. Normally I do but for some reason I was overly confident.

A day or so later, I was really yearning for some more of the Sally Hansen Rapid Red (so pretty) that I just did a simple manicure with it. The red is almost completely opaque with one coat but is totally opaque with two coats. This brand has an extra wide brush so I find it easy to polish each nail in two to three strokes. I love the consistency of this one which makes me love the color even more (but it does tend to thicken quickly if open for long periods). It’s super shiny too, no top coat in this photo.

My nails were very happy with Sally Hansen's Rapid Red.

And followed it with the holographic sparkle. How beautiful! Am I right, or am I right? The holographic sparkle is so pretty. By itself in the Santa photos I used two coats, over top of the red I used one. I think they are a perfect holiday combination.

I topped my red nails with the Joelle sparkle.

You’ll notice too that my nails were starting to get a pretty good squared edge in the Santa photo. There were a couple days in between where we removed some cupboards in the kitchen so I had some damage and spliting (I had no polish on to protect them). But I didn’t want to trim them until I had to chance to see this polish combination at this length. I guess I could have buffed them a bit to reduce the chip appearance but I really hate to do that to my nails unless absolutely necessary. I am not going to give up on the square nails yet — I almost had it this time.

Here is my new manicure in motion:

What are you painting on your nails for the holidays?

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Candy Cane Nail Tips

I was hoping to try at least three Christmas nail art designs by now but I have only had the opportunity for one but it was a pretty cute one too — Candy Cane nail tips! IndigoNoval1 has this easy to do how-to which is pretty self explanatory on its own. I watched it a few times before I attempted it on mine.

Instead of professional nail strips like the artist I used some double sided strip tape from the dollar store. At least I did on my right hand. On my left hand I decided to go free style. It took a little longer but wasn’t bad so if you don’t have the strips it still doesn’t mean you can’t give it a try.

My nails and my messy workstation.

The polishes I used were:

  • Julep Bunny for the white
  • Julep Evie for the red
  • Cover Girl Constant Carribean for the green
  • L’Oreal Because Your Worth It for the gold

My awesome candy cane nail tips.

I have some nails brushes from eBay that I used to paint on the red and green strips. I find thicker strips of red looks more cane like than if they are all too thin. So instead of going for three or for red strips per nail go for two.

My first attempt at candy cane tips went well.

Overall this was a fun one that produced some really cute results. I would definitely do this one again for Christmas holidays and I might even try playing with a few other colors — I really like tip nail art.

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