Jet Set Blue Nail Polish

Continuing with the blue theme, here is L’Oreal’s Jet Set to Paris (540). I love, love this shade of blue. The first coat turned out sheerer than I expected and is horrible looking on its own — ok maybe not “horrible” but I’m not a fan of sheer blue. As you can see it is a just a wee bit streaky too but otherwise the formula goes on nice.

One coat of L'Oreal's Jet Set to Paris blue nail polish.

But two coats definitely makes this nail polish beautiful. I love the deep bright tone of this color.

Two coats of Jet Set to Paris on my nails.

Love the color, love the shine — it’s not a full on gloss shine (doesn’t matter because I put a top coat on anyway). It lasted my usual four days before it was time for me to move on to something else.

Here’s one more picture in day light.

My nails with two coats of Jet Set to Paris and a top coat.

What do you think of the color?

Summer Pink

L’Oreal has a really pretty summer pink that was released in 2012 and is still available. Butterfly Kisses (#380) is a delicate petal pink with a hint of purple to make it suggest lavender in some lighting. It is a sheer polish that was a bit finicky to work with the first coat. Were it not so streaky I probably would have gone with one coat. But…

One coat of Butterfly Kisses nail polish on my nails.

I normally try to keep polishes to two coats but this one required three which is not really a bad thing because it is a thin polish and did not build up all gummy. It is almost opaque with three coats — you can just see the line of my nail tip but I am not bothered by this.

My nails with three coats of Butterfly Kisses by L'Oreal.

You can still find this color at some drug stores (I picked mine up at Shopper’s Drug Mart last week) and online.

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* Find Butterfly Kisses at Best Buy (I know I was surprised too!)

Playing with Crackle

In the early fall I bought a bunch of Avon nail polishes including these two. At the time I bought them I had not planned to put them together when I pulled them out of the box last week it seemed like a good plan. Meh.

By itself the Suddenly Sunny Speed Dry goes on streaky. Even with a few coats it wasn’t very even. I then thought it was good choice for layering under something. It does dry super fast by the way.

Two coats of Avon's Suddenly Sunny on my nails.

The Mosaic Effects top coat is amazing says the geek in me. It is so cool to watch the cracks get bigger. And I love the color, Plum Illusion — it has a lot of fine sparkle. It’s a nice formula but I couldn’t play with it as the top layer dries pretty fast as it begins to crack. Even with the sparkle I find it a bit dull and think a top coat is required (shown with top coat).

Followed by one top coat of Avon's Mosaic Effects in plum illusion.

I’ve decided I am not much of a yellow person at least when it comes to nail polish colors. I’m definitely a purple fan though. I am also not a fan of the yellow/purple combination.

I really wanted to try the Mosaic Effects plum with another color so I swirled some blue (L’Oreal Not a Cloud in Sight) and gold shimmer (L’Oreal’s Because You’re Worth It) around (dry marble technique) then tried the cracking top coat. While the marbling of the blue and gold worked out nicely I am disappointed it didn’t show through as great as I thought it would through the cracked plum.

I experimented by swirling blue and gold shimmer together for my base under the purple crackle.

It is nice enough but I was just hoping the gold would have been more visible. Oh well, it was good practice. I did notice the second time around that the Mosaic formula is not as nice as when I first opened it — it has thickened up and become a bit goupy.

My final results with the purple crack over the blue and gold nail polish.

Have you tried any crack formulas?

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* Get your Mosaic Effects top coat from Avon

Sinful Colors

This past week I had the opportunity to try two new (to me) polishes by Sinful Colors. This was my first time using the econo-brand (less than $3) which offers an excellent array of colors choices. I picked up Gorgeous which is a light blue with a minute sparkle and Let’s Talk which is a dark blue with an iridescent purple (or purple on purple depending on the light). These two polishes could not be more different from one another and I am not only referring to color.

Sinful Colors “Gorgeous”

This is an incredibly thin nail polish that was hard to control. It just moved all over the place on the nail and for the most part I do not use a lot of polish on the wand when I am painting. It was really sheer too. Four coats later and I ended up with the results you see here.

My first color is "Gorgeous" which is a lovely blue.

If I had not purchased the two bottles at once I probably would not have purchased another. The color was beautiful but the application turned me off.

I paired it with a bright red accent on ring finger and thumb.

This polish didn’t seem to last very long either, it didn’t chip but it faded near the tips. (I used Revlon base coat and Julep Freedom top coat).

In this close up you can see the faint sparkles.

I paired this polish with the red Rendezvous from L’Oreal which is easily my most favorite red at the moment.

Sinful Colors “Let’s Talk”

This polish was the complete opposite. It was a nice consistency, stayed on where I put it and it only required two coats. I probably could have gotten away with one but there were a few peek-a-boo spots that needed to be covered up.

My second attempt was a very intense purple.

I used the same base and top coat with this color as I did with the blue and the polish stayed on much longer with no fading.

I definitely love this color more than the blue.

I think the color is amazing, I don’t think I have ever worn purple nail polish even though power purple is a favorite color of mine.

A close up of the purple.

The iridescence of this polish is so much fun; for the most part it is very purple but in some lighting it looks very blue.

This image shows how blue the polish can look under the right conditions.

Sinful Color can be found at drug and department stores as well as online at Amazon.

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A Rendezvous with L’Oreal

Red, red, red, I am totally loving this L’Oreal red Rendezvous (#450). It looks opaque in the bottle but it goes on pretty thin and sheer. I put on three coats plus a top coat and they didn’t feel built up at all.

On my nails is L'Oreal's red Rendezvous.

I absolutely love the tone of this red. Some reds, I find are really striking on my hands — I’ll catch a glimpse and think, “Yikes, that’s a bright red.” That isn’t the case with this one. It’s… more natural. I know, red nails being natural is not possible, but this red just doesn’t scream “Hey! LOOK AT ME!”.

Showing off my red nail polish.

As you can see I am trying to square my nail tips. I usually keep them pretty rounded but wanted to try it. I even bought myself some new flat clippers to get a straighter less curved tip. We’ll see. I had to file down the corners twice because they were catching on everything; including my eye when I rubbed it.

A closer look at L'Oreal's red Rendezvous nail polish.

Update: I was surprised to find this chipped really easily within a day. I touched it up and it chipped again. Going to try it again this weekend with a different topcoat.

Update #2: I tried the polish with the Julep Freedom Polymer top coat and it faired much better than the previous two times I wore it.

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* L’Oreal Rendezvous is available at Amazon

Sunset Gradient Nails

I learned to do this nail look during Shopper’s Drug Marts nail art contest. This was my second entry. And while I love the look of this process, it took a little longer and required a little more thought than what I would want to do again. I love the color combinations though. There was a Youtube video featuring Paige Dzenis’s (from tutorial video for the Sunset Gradient Nails (they call it tropical sunset) but it has been deleted.

And here is my final look. Not bad, right?

My gradient summer sunset nail art look.

The polishes I used were:

The nail polishes I used for my sunset gradient look.

  • Ceramic Glaze — Exotic Dragonfruit (substitued for L’Oreal’s Member’s Only)
  • Cover Girl Stay Brilliant — #250 My Papaya
  • L’Oreal Nail Color — #111 Not a Cloud in Sight
  • Cover Girl Stay Brilliant — #295 Out of the Blue
  • Cover Girl Stay Brilliant — #290 Constant Caribbean

Personally, I think Cover Girl’s Constant Caribbean makes this look!

It is an easy process really, just a bit time consuming with figuring out placement and applying so many different layers. My favorite part was learning to use a make-up sponge for the first time — I will definitely experiment with this technique further to see what I come up with.

For my protective base coat I used Revlon’s base/top coat, which I cannot say enough good things about, and finished off with Julep’s Freedom Polymer Top Coat (getting low on this stuff and need to get more of it because it rocks).

You know when you add some nail art and it always looks better on one hand than the other? That was not the case with this project. I worked on both hands simultaneously to keep the color balance and I think that helped a lot. This nail art project is definitely worth trying at least once.

Bow Nail Art

Dakota from Luxurious Nails did an awesome YouTube tutorial for creating a bow on your nails. I absolutely loved this and had to try it myself.

As you can see I used a different color combination than Dakota who used a flesh toned base. The colors I used were:

  • L’Oreal’s Not a Cloud in Sight
  •  Ceramic Glaze, Exotic Dragonfruit
  • Sally Hansen Complete Manicure 410 Lavender Cloud (looks almost white)
  • Sally Hansen Black Nail Art Pen

It is a little rough around the edges but still not a bad look for a first attempt. I love it! And I was totally impressed with myself for days afterward.

Bright pink bows on cloud blue backdrop.

The Not a Cloud in Sight shade is kind of goopy and does not like to be overworked with more than a stroke or two. But the color is fabulous. It definitely requires at least two coats for a smooth solid finish but like I say it is finicky.

The Sally Hansen nail art pen is one of my favorite tools because I find it so much easier to use for details than a brush. But lately I’ve noticed it has been smearing when I put my top coat on, even if I have waited 30 minutes. One of the clerks suggested drying drops so I’ll let you know how that turns out.