Mirror Metallic Nail Polish

I tried my first “mirror metallic” nail polish from Essie’s Metal Collection. My choice was Nothing Else Metals which is a pale lavender chrome. Their metal nail polish line comes with five color choices the other four are: blue rhapsody, good as gold, penny talk, and no place like chrome.

On my nails is Essie's Nothing Else Metals nail polish.

I love the color. I like the thickness of the formula and how it applied but this is a formula that screams for a larger brush — Essie’s brush is so thin and I especially noticed it while applying this polish. It dries fast so there is no playing around with it. I was tempted to just use one coat but went with two.

It is a pretty rosy lavender with loads of sheen.

I am not a fan of the concept mainly because you have to have really pristine buffed nails as absolutely every lump and bump and groove and ridge shows up. I could see a lot that I didn’t even know was there or had I applied a regular polish.

It is very eye catching, maybe too eye catching because it shoes all natural texture of the nail.

I am all for a little buffing occasionally but really hate to do it because I have thin-ish nails to begin with and any sort of buffing causes splitting down the road if not done evenly. That being said, if you have nicely buffed nails there is a metal texture to the polish that reminds me of the texture of stainless steel.

I like the pink chrome color but not that it shows all my imperfections.

Later in the week I trimmed my nails and the polish really handled it well. It didn’t chip or crap and I was able to file and continue on for a few more days until I applied a glitter which totally wrecked the look.

Totally trashed the look by adding a glitter. At the time I thought it would break up the boldness when I was growing tired of.

I probably won’t buy another chrome/mirror polish but I can see myself using this one with some color blocking down the road.

Have you tried any metallic nail polish? Like or not?

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My First Jelly Sandwich

I have been reading about nail polish jelly sandwiches (glitter top coat between two sheer coats of colored polish) for ages but never tried one. When I was testing Sally Hansen’s Jaded nail polish for Influenster I thought it might make a good jelly sandwich so this week I got out a few of my glitter nail polishes to see what I could come up with.

My first attempt at making Jelly Sandwich nails.

It was not until I went digging through my polishes that I realized most of my glitter based polishes are super fine and color based and I only have three somewhat visible ones that are top coat based (four if I include the Copper Penny one but I have been going crazy with that one lately so I left it out).

The glitter on the pointer finger is Essie’s Set in Stones. It is my fave glitter and is like having little mirrors on my nails. Of the three glitters I sandwiched it is probably my favorite because it provided a lot of medium sized glitter for effect. You can’t tell in the image but it does still have a bit of sparkle.

My nails with Essie glitter sandwiched between Julep nail polish.

Next up is Julep’s Oh Canada which has a mixture of small silver glitter and medium red glitter. I wish I had put on two coats of this glitter but it is not a bad result.

My nails with Julep's Oh Canada glitter sandwiched between the jaded nail polish.

This Revlon Celestial FX is brand spanking new. I didn’t like it. Well, not as a sandwich anyway. I can see all the fine glitter if I look really close (but who wants to look that close — you can see it if you look really close and use your imagination too) and the larger pieces were really hard to get out of the bottle. After two days they lifted off my nails a bit and kept catching on things. It’s really pretty in the bottle though!

My nails with Revlon glitter sandwiched between the Jaded nail polish.

Of course I took an Instagram video at the time so you can see the sparkles a little better.

I would like to try the jelly sandwich nails again with this color but I think it would look better with a medium multi-colored glitter with lots of bits.

Have you tried a jelly sandwich? Do you like the effect?

Essie Shearling Darling

Shearling Darling is a reddy brown opaque nail polish from Essie’s Winter Collection which includes five other pretty awesome looking colors. But this was the one I had to have as soon as I saw it in a magazine. I found it in Shopper’s Drug Mart this week and I even paid full price for it ($11.99 — oh my!).

My nails dressed with Essie's reddy brown Shearling Darling.

This is another one of those pseudo colors that looks almost black in low lighting. Right now I am at my computer with an overhead ceiling light at 5:27 p.m. and it looks black or at least a very dark chocolate.

Dark red Essie nail polish under my lamp light

In brighter light and from the bottle I think it looks like the hot color trend, oxblood; which is one of my favorite colors this season for accessories like shoes, handbags, and nail polish.

Comparing my nail color to my long life buddha figurine.

It is a pretty thick polish going on almost opaque with one coat but needed a second coat to get full coverage over a few peek-a-boo spots. The polish is super shiny on its own but I covered it with Julep’s Freedom Polymer for quick dryness and protection.


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Turquoise and Caicos

The Turquoise and Caicos was part of Essie’s 2010 resort collection but was repackaged with Set in Stones and an Essie glass nail file. The turquoise nail polish is such a pretty color. I found the polish to be quite watery and required three coats to get an almost opaque look. Had I not been putting on the glitter layer I probably would have went for a fourth coat.

Essie Nail Polish Kit

The glitter… is awesome. It is very reflective, like having little reflective mirrors on my nails. And to top that off there was not a rough or bumpy appearance that some glitters seem to leave. I did not apply a top coat and for the five days I wore it there were no chips.

Turquoise nail polish with a silver sparkle top coat.

As for the mini Essie glass nail file. I did not care for it at all — maybe for an emergency. It is way too rough and does not provide a smooth finish. It feels more like it is pulling on the nail. I will stick with my awesome Quo glass nail file.

The glass nail file Essie included in their Turquoise, Caicos, and Set in Stone polish kit.

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Repstyle Print Nail Polish

I was really excited about the concept of Essie’s Magnetic Nail Polish. As you can see it includes a magnet on the cap used to create different patterns in the nail polish when held above a fresh coat of laquer. I picked up Repstyle which was to provide a snake skin appearance. You can see the print on the front of the cap.

Removable cap from Essie nail polish.

First off, the how-to printing was so incredibly painful to read I had to photograph to enlarge the directions. I don’t understand why they can’t make bigger labels. I followed the directions but they do not really provide enough information to achieve a perfect design.

Tiny print directions for getting the print to show up in polish.

The first finger I did was the pinky and it turned out not too badly. It is a neat effect. Unfortunately it does not seem to be as easy working through the rest of the fingers as they are bigger and have a larger curve to the nail bed.

Essie magnetic reptile print nail polish.

Because the fingers are curved it is hard to hold the magnet above just one area for five seconds and achieve a pattern allover the nail so I had to sort of roll it from side to side. This makes it awkward to get an even pattern.

Magnetic nail polish results for right hand.

By the time I got to my right hand it seemed like the polish was not interested in working, and yes, I was still working one finger at a time.

Essie bronze sparkle nail polish on right hand.

Over all, I really love the bronze color alone without the reptile print and could get away with just the one coating. I can’t see myself wasting my time trying to get another full set of nails done only to have a ruined manicure (or partially ruined depending on which fingers decide to work) of what is otherwise an awesome color. I’ll probably stick to an accent nail only with this product.

Have you tried any of the magnetic nail art brands?

Update: Ok, a couple weeks after I tried this I decided to give it another go — I was still unsuccessful in getting a full “repstyle” manicure. It was even worse than my first attempt. I definitely would not put out the full price for these polishes.

Essie’s Boxer Shorts

My last ditch at summer colors was wearing Essie’s Boxer Shorts (1034). I applied two not really smooth coats for an opaque color look. I absolutely love this color which is actually a bit more lavender than the photo highlights.

Essie's pretty lavender nail polish.

In spite of really loving the color I couldn’t help jazzing it up a bit with a coat of Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails xtreme wear Supernova (235) a few days later. Love it! Got a nice response on Instagram for it too.

Essie's boxer shorts topped with a purple sparkle by Sally Hansen.

This sparkle top coat has flecks of purple, pink, and blue. It does look lovely over a light pink polish too.

Sally Hansen purple sparkle on top of Essie's lavender.

Boxer Shorts is part of Essies 2012 Yogaga collection and not available on their website or Amazon. I did see it at Macy’s online shop if you live in the U.S. In Canada you can probably still find it in a Shopper’s Drug Mart, where I found mine. The Supernova top coat is still available in stores where Sally Hansen is sold and at Amazon (see link below).

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