Dusty Rose Frost Nail Polish

It has been a rough couple weeks nail/cuticle wise. I reverted into some bad habits for a short time but I think I have come out of the gloom and have them back under control. I decided to celebrate with a fresh coat of nail polish from my “haven’t tried yet” stash box — yes it is a real box. I actually call it my “to-do” nail polish box and it comes before my “to-do nail polish shelf. It is sad but exciting at the same time, at least for me it is.

I decided to go with the neutral Lois which came in one of my Mystery Boxes I purchased last year from Julep. I would normally not choose a color like this for myself and when I took it out of the box I was like, “Meh”. But having actually put it on I’ve decided I love it.

One coat of the dusty rose frost nail polish called Lois, from Julep.

Lois is a dusty rose frost and has a nice finish. I was quite happy with one coat which was slightly sheer with a fine sparkle, but I did two coats because I always find it more durable and I am a week bit opaque obsessed.

I added two accent glitter nails to the thumb and ringer finger.

My plan was just to wear the one polish but the Cuccio Remix glitter I got in my Top Box was screaming to be used as an accent so I applied two coats of that to my ring fingers and thumbs.

How Lois nail polish looks under artificial light.

As you can see the color is slightly different under natural light — it’s a little rosier. I just love all the different colors (pink, green, blue, silver) and sizes (fine to medium grade) of glitter in the Cuccio Remix. It goes on really nice too without having to work the glitter placement.

The nail polish is a little rosier under natural light. I love it.

I took a quick trip over to Julep’s website and they still have the Lois nail polish available and it is on sale for $3.99.

A final look at Julep's Dusty Rose and Cuccio's glitter Remix.

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* Get your Lois nail polish from Julep

A Sleigh Ride in February

I bought OPI’s Sleigh Ride for Two before Christmas but just never had a chance to wear it. Our snowbanks are still a couple feet high so I feel perfectly legit in wearing this deep dark red with a fine shimmer. I actually quite love it.

My nails are ready for the slopes with Mariah's deep red nail polish by OPI.

It is a nice formula. There were a few bare spots with one coat but two coats made it totally opaque. This nail polish is from the Mariah Carey holiday collection (I think there were 12 colors) and is still available on Amazon, Nail Polish Canada.

A few days later I received Cuccio “Remix” in my Top Box order and tried it out as an accent nail. This is only one coat. I have not used this brand before — I wish they had sent a solid shade because you really don’t get a feel for a brand until you’ve tried regular polish. So far so good though.

Adding a little sparkle to the accent nail with Cuccio's remix glitter nail polish.

Do you have a favorite OPI red, or other brand red?

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* Get Sleigh Ride for Two from Amazon