Sunset Gradient Nails

I learned to do this nail look during Shopper’s Drug Marts nail art contest. This was my second entry. And while I love the look of this process, it took a little longer and required a little more thought than what I would want to do again. I love the color combinations though. There was a Youtube video featuring Paige Dzenis’s (from tutorial video for the Sunset Gradient Nails (they call it tropical sunset) but it has been deleted.

And here is my final look. Not bad, right?

My gradient summer sunset nail art look.

The polishes I used were:

The nail polishes I used for my sunset gradient look.

  • Ceramic Glaze — Exotic Dragonfruit (substitued for L’Oreal’s Member’s Only)
  • Cover Girl Stay Brilliant — #250 My Papaya
  • L’Oreal Nail Color — #111 Not a Cloud in Sight
  • Cover Girl Stay Brilliant — #295 Out of the Blue
  • Cover Girl Stay Brilliant — #290 Constant Caribbean

Personally, I think Cover Girl’s Constant Caribbean makes this look!

It is an easy process really, just a bit time consuming with figuring out placement and applying so many different layers. My favorite part was learning to use a make-up sponge for the first time — I will definitely experiment with this technique further to see what I come up with.

For my protective base coat I used Revlon’s base/top coat, which I cannot say enough good things about, and finished off with Julep’s Freedom Polymer Top Coat (getting low on this stuff and need to get more of it because it rocks).

You know when you add some nail art and it always looks better on one hand than the other? That was not the case with this project. I worked on both hands simultaneously to keep the color balance and I think that helped a lot. This nail art project is definitely worth trying at least once.

Faux Saran Wrap Nails

So there is this Saran Wrap nail art tutorial where you put on a one color and let it dry and then put on another color and let it try a few seconds before tapping it with crumpled up piece of plastic wrap. The result is an awesome two tone mottled look, in theory; but totally above my messy tolerance level. If you want to go the Saran route here is a great video by Mattania from QT Place.

Today, I put on a base coat of Cover Girl Outlast in “My Papaya” (#250) and let it dry completely. I topped it with Ceramic Glaze “Watermelon Cooler” (#402). I let each nail dry a couple seconds then tapped down on the second layer with the tip of the nail brush after excess polish was removed. It worked really well with this Ceramic Glaze nail polish because it is kind of goopy to begin with. I then topped with my favorite top coat, Juleps Freedom Polymer. Here’s a final look at the results:

Saran wrap look nail art in pink and green.

I am happy enough with the results and process to try this again. Have you tried the Saran Wrap nail art process?

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How to Tone Down Hot Pink Polish

This summer I entered Shoppers’s Drug Marts online nail art competition which featured four looks that we had to mimic. One of my favorite looks was created by nail artists Jenny Stencel and Danielle Black from Polish You Pretty. The tutorial uses three colors including two very bright pinks which are almost painful (but pretty) to look at on their own but applying them together along with a bright teal accent tones down the hot pink polish without killing its “pop” color appeal.

The instruction video the nail artists provided is quick and to the point and makes learning to do this process quick and fun:

This is one of my favorite looks so far and it still surprises me how easy it was to do. I am looking forward to doing this one again with other colors.

Bright summer pink nail polishes by Ceramic Glaze and Quo.

The nail polishes I used for this look were:

  • Quo by Orly — Femme Fatale
  • Ceramic Glaze — Watermelon Cooler
  • Ceramic Glaze — Exotic Dragon Fruit

I believe Quo and Ceramic Glaze are both exclusive to Shopper’s Drug Mart but any bright shades from your collection would work. I used a Revlon base coat. Here is the live view of my final creation.

This has seriously been one of my favorite looks. You have to try it.

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