Cosmic Galaxy Experience

Avon’s Cosmic nail enamel is awesome. I picked up the Galaxy one and I love it. Love it I tell you. It went on lovely (both coats) and leaves a heavily starred holographic sparkle. The blue part is awesome too.

Bright blue Galaxy nail polish.

It dried really fast and was surprisingly durable through a day of house cleaning and excessive hand washing. This is easily one of my favorite blues.

The glitter is a holographic but you really have to look close to see that.

It just has so much sparkle. It really does look like a galaxy.

A close up of the sparkle.

The Cosmic collection had ten shades in all. As I said, had. They are no longer available on the website (at least I couldn’t find them) but I did see some on Amazon.

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Mint Tea and Saffron

When I took the box of duo Mark Nailed It Trend mini nail lacquers from Avon out of my to-do nail box I was kind of at a loss as to why I picked these colors. They are not exactly me-colors. But I bought them and decided to give them a go.

First up is the Mint Tea. It went on nicely enough but I could see the brush strokes. But overall a nice almost watercolor green with sparkle added.

Testing out Avon's Mint Tea nail polish.

After conversing with some Facebook friends I decided this green needed some gold sponged (cosmetic wedge) on tips and since the sister shade was a yellow gold I decided to use it.

I'm wearing Avon's Mint Tea nail polish with Saffron sponged on the tips.

I need more practice sponging. I was going for a gradient but as you can see didn’t quite make it. And I think I needed a stronger gold. It was not a bad look but the color just didn’t feel right on me. I haven’t tried the saffron as a straight polish but I would like to sponge it on some black or a bright green to see what it is like.

Mint Tea and Saffron nail polish from Avon.

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Playing with Crackle

In the early fall I bought a bunch of Avon nail polishes including these two. At the time I bought them I had not planned to put them together when I pulled them out of the box last week it seemed like a good plan. Meh.

By itself the Suddenly Sunny Speed Dry goes on streaky. Even with a few coats it wasn’t very even. I then thought it was good choice for layering under something. It does dry super fast by the way.

Two coats of Avon's Suddenly Sunny on my nails.

The Mosaic Effects top coat is amazing says the geek in me. It is so cool to watch the cracks get bigger. And I love the color, Plum Illusion — it has a lot of fine sparkle. It’s a nice formula but I couldn’t play with it as the top layer dries pretty fast as it begins to crack. Even with the sparkle I find it a bit dull and think a top coat is required (shown with top coat).

Followed by one top coat of Avon's Mosaic Effects in plum illusion.

I’ve decided I am not much of a yellow person at least when it comes to nail polish colors. I’m definitely a purple fan though. I am also not a fan of the yellow/purple combination.

I really wanted to try the Mosaic Effects plum with another color so I swirled some blue (L’Oreal Not a Cloud in Sight) and gold shimmer (L’Oreal’s Because You’re Worth It) around (dry marble technique) then tried the cracking top coat. While the marbling of the blue and gold worked out nicely I am disappointed it didn’t show through as great as I thought it would through the cracked plum.

I experimented by swirling blue and gold shimmer together for my base under the purple crackle.

It is nice enough but I was just hoping the gold would have been more visible. Oh well, it was good practice. I did notice the second time around that the Mosaic formula is not as nice as when I first opened it — it has thickened up and become a bit goupy.

My final results with the purple crack over the blue and gold nail polish.

Have you tried any crack formulas?

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Avon Nail Strips

I was gifted the Racy Lacy nail art strips by a Avon rep. I have used nail strips in the past but this is the first time I used this brand. For me nail strips are a novelty item. They will never replace nail polish for me. To me nail polish is more economical (I can get more manis per bottle than what is supplied in a box of strips–and isn’t it convenient they only put in 18 strips instead of 20) and I feel like I have more control over polish.

The Racy Lacy nail strips are actually transparent where the black netting is and there are a few raised gems on each one. Instead of putting them on bare nails and having them show through I thought I would put them over my L’Oreal Rendezvous red nail polish which sort of matched the gems (it did in my darkly lit living room but not so much in these pictures).

I applied Avon nail strips over my red nail polish.

I usually have no problem fitting the fingers with the nails strip shapes but I always have a problem with my thumbs which have a square cuticle edge instead of rounded, I suspect mostly everyone else does.

A close up of the Racy Lacy Avon nail strips.

I find these strips to be really sturdy to work with; the last Sally Hansen (SH) ones I had kept tearing with the slightest tug and these ones are hefty, maybe a bit too hefty. The excess at tip has to be filed off and it takes more to file them (including some nail) than the SH strips. I had fun putting them on but they are just not my thing — I really enjoy the act of painting on the polish.

My nail art strips from another angle.

No top coat is required and they stayed on the few days I had them on no problem even being over polish. To remove them I only had to peel them off. Avon has over 18 patterns of nails strips to choose from for $10.

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Savage Teal

One of the fall releases from Avon’s fall nailwear pro+ collection is the Savage teal nail polish. I love this color and it is super shiny if you are not a top coat person. This creme nail polish went on solid with two coats.

A blue green teal from Avon.

This is the third polish from their collection I have used this season and I am quite happy with them. As well as the color, I really liked the consistency, not too thick and not to thin.

Teal nail polish from Avon on my nails.

Have you tried any of the new fall colors from Avon?

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Patchwork Nail Art

When I first saw SandyDandy’s patchwork nail art video I thought, “I can totally do that”. When I finally tried I realized I couldn’t. I don’t know if my nails were too short (that’s what I think it was) or that I just didn’t have enough patience. Anyway, I ended up doing a patchwork of sorts, with only two colors instead of three but here is her video which offers great direction:

I think my final two-color result turned out great on the second attempt. You can see a little residual black on the cuticles in the first few photos from my first attempt. For colors I used a new red from Avon’s Fall colors Nailwear Pro+ in Racy (477-066). I love the color and it went on great with two coats. Super shiny.

Two coats of Racy red nail polish from Avon's nail pro line..

I followed up with Julep’s Black Latex Cleopatra which is my new favorite black. It went on awesome and really does look like latex when it dries. Love this polish. I have used it a few times for nail art accents.

Julep's black latex cleopatra over Avon's nail pro Racy.

Yes, it is essentially similar to the black and red colorblocking but it is a different look and polish. I like it.

My patchwork black and red nails in daylight.

Have you tried patchwork nails yet?

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Tempted and Untamed

This fun fall manicure was courtesy of two colors from Avon’s fall collection. These are the first Avon polishes I have worn in some time and I am quite happy with the color and consistency of the enamel. Besides that I am really amazed how well this polish held up, even after five days no chips, not sure if it was because my nails were cut short or what but it was impressive. I am not known for being delicate with my nails so for me to get five days without chipping is unheard of. Here is the untamed creme beige alone:

My nails with Avon's Untamed beige nail polish.

And here it is with the greenish iridescent Tempted sponged on the tips with a make-up sponge.

I sponged the tips with Avon's coordinating Tempted polish.

What do you think of the color? I think it is a nice neutral look for fall, even on short nails.

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Avon Nail Tips

I recently developed an addiction for Avon nail polish (surprise, surprise) and they have a simple and straightforward tip list for making the most of your manicure: Fall colours from Avon's nail polish collection.

1. Clean your nails before applying polish, with polish remover (even if they were not polished) or with a fresh lemon. This will remove any oils and debris and produce a clean canvas for painting.
2. Add a basecoat. It will protect your nails and even out the ridges.
3. Polish a bit over the tip of the nail.
4. Two thin layers of polish are better than one thick layer.
5. Don’t forget your topcoat!
6. Add a fresh layer of topcoat 2-3 days after to add shine and further protect your polish.

I know with nail strips you are supposed to give your nails a quick once over with polish remover but I never considered it for nail polish but it makes sense.

I can’t live without a basecoat so that should be a given for everyone — especially with neon and deep colors.

I can’t seem to brush over the tip of the nail without making a mess. My nails are pretty short. I do try to do it with the base coat though.

I have to agree that two thin coats is way better than one thick one. It gives you more control of where to polish goes, you get less on the skin around the nails, and I find the manicure lasts longer. Especially if you let them dry for at least five minutes between coats.

I almost never go without a top coat but some polishes have a super gloss sheen that just cannot be copied by a top coat, a blue Jin Soon polish I have comes to mind.

I have to admit that my polishes are usually not on long enough for me to do a fresh topcoat every few days but it makes sense if you are trying to make it last seven to ten days; especially if you use your hands a lot.

How many of these tips from Avon do you already use and do you have any other suggestions for making a mani last?