I am so delighted to see you are interested in learning more about the person behind this nail polish addiction blog. My name is Moe, about a year ago I became the most obsessed with nail polish than at any other period of my life. My Instagram and Facebook images were getting such a delighted response from people that I decided I’d like to share this obsession with others in a larger format and started this blog (I have been blogging for over five years — see below).

Nail Fun

I am not a nail art professional. I like to keep my nails relatively short and to keep to the basics when it comes to polish/design/art etc. I love all kinds of colors (but my favorite is blue) and do not believe in specific colors for specific ages, if you love it wear it!

A Little Personal Stuff

The top ten basics of me (random order):

  • I am in my early forties.
  • I have been married for eighteen years.
  • We have a German Shepherd and two tabbies (which you probably already know if you follow me on Instagram).
  • I live in Eastern Ontario.
  • I used to work in plus size retail (I was also a registered nurse at one time).
  • For the last nine years I have worked from home. Over that time I  have developed a few websites — two plus size shopping blogs, two websites for writers, and a personal blog.
  • I was an editor for BellaOnline for almost ten years.
  • I love watermelon…
  • And iced-coffee (I make my own healthier version)…
  • And polka-dots.


Occasionally I post affiliate links where I receive points or a small commission but for the most part the links go straight to the brand if they still have the color I am talking about.

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