Stocked Up on T.I.P.S.

For the last year my nail situation has been dire. I have been pick, pick, picking at them and the cuticles so much that I am embarrassed to show my fingers in public let alone online in a photo. Nope, not showing you. You’ll have to take my word for it.

Last week I decided to restock my T.I.P.S nail conditioning product because I have been out for some time and have been putting it off waiting for a deal. I bought three bottles and two brushes. I ordered on the weekend and they arrived the following Tuesday. I was very excited when the box arrived.

I opened up a bottle and put it in the bathroom and then I opened up another bottle and put it in the livingroom next to my “TV chair”. So far I am feeling good about getting in at least one to two treatments a day. Either in the morning or at night during my wash up routine or when I am watching something on the tube.

I still have a long way to go but from past experience I am confident in the product that I will be taking pictures soon.

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I cannot paint like Picasso but I can paint my nails!

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About a year ago I became the most obsessed with nail polish than any other period of my life. I decided I'd like to share this obsession with others and started this blog (I have been blogging elsewhere for over five years). I am not a nail art professional. I like to keep my nails relatively short and to keep to the basics when it comes to polish/design/art etc. I love all kinds of colors and do not believe in specific colors for specific ages, if you love it wear it!

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