A Fresh Start to a New Year

I wouldn’t really say this is a New Year resolution, more like a recurring challenge that I win and lose year after year on a month by month basis. The last few months I have been going through another bout of nail and cuticle picking. If you are not familiar, it is the equivalent to biting your nails without the biting; basically I pick them into oblivion, where my finger tips are so sore I need Tylenol to sleep at night because of the throbbing.

It’s a horrible habit. One I’ve managed to break many times over the years. Most of my success is brought on by forcing myself to wear nail polish regardless of how extremely short my nails are. Whatever works.

The last few weeks I’ve been working on diligently nourishing my cuticles as well as clipping and filing any tags so I would not be tempted to pick at them. I failed a lot. It is still a weird struggle. Things were looking so bleak I just did not want to post. But today I decided my nails and cuticles, although still in rough shape, were presentable enough for a new polish post — and because the reality of life is that we don’t always have perfect nails and cuticles all the time.

If you are sensitive to bad nails/cuticles… leave this page now! I know right? I have to post a disclaimer for bad cuticles because of a few birds who freak out over images of bad cuticles. What’s the world coming to?

This is my first time using Cult Nails lacquer. This deep berry nail polish is called Iconic and has a little sparkle and gold shimmer. This is two coats of Iconic with a base coat and no top coat.

Wearing Cult Nails for the first time in Iconic.

And this is it with a top coat. It is a nice formula that dried fast enough but not too fast that I couldn’t manipulate it.

Iconic by Cult Nails -- a deep berry red with gold shimmer.

The official Cult Nails closed down (according to their Facebook page) but this color and a few other colors are still available from Nail Polish Canada (ships to Canada and U.S.). If you know of someone else carrying leftovers please post in comments.

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