Groove is in the Heart Pink

Groove is in the Heart is a “flamingo” pink “crème” nail polish from Deborah Lippmann. I would describe this lovely bright polish more as a peachy pink that doesn’t bring to mind flamingos, real or plastic. And while it is called a crème, I felt it was too sheer. I needed to put on three coats as it was a bit thin and streaky. It probably could use one more coat actually (I haven’t added a top coat yet so this is its natural shine).

I'm wearing three coats of Groove is in the Heart nail polish with no top coat.

This was a bottle I received in one of my Top Box’s (I actually have two and thought it was about time I tried it — I’ll have to give the extra to my friend Lana!). It is definitely a comfortable color to wear, bright, but not too flashy. And after a few days it seems to be holding up well.

I did a quick search online and could only find it still available at Sweet Potato Boutique for $19.

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