Models Own Valerian

I picked up my first bottle of Models Own nail polish from Nail Polish Canada a few months ago. It’s very dark in the bottle and has a nice multicolour small glitter throughout. Keeping with my blue feeling theme it seemed like the perfect time to try it out. Models Own is a UK brand and sells for about $9.50 here.

Surprise! My nails are short again. I had a lot of sanding to do (refinishing kitchen cupboards) and it was too awkward with the length my nails were getting so I chopped them off to a working size that didn’t get caught up on the sandpaper (ouch!).

The color is called Valerian (NP178). It comes in a stocky bottle with velour-ish cap (part of the Velvet Goth Collection). Surprisingly I didn’t mind the wide cap while applying the polish.

My nails with Models Own Valerian blue glitter nail polish.

It dries to matte finish. After two coats I really wasn’t too sure about it. The formula was a bit finicky to apply.

My nails with three coats of Valerian nail polish.

I decided to put a third coat on and by the time I finished with my top coat my opinion of it improved as well as the unevenness.

Three coats and a top coat.

By the next day color and hint of sparkle had grown on me and made me quite happy when I looked it. As the day went on more sanding ensued. I was shocked only to have a small chip on my middle finger which was easily fixed. I thought for sure they would have all chipped — I’m brutal with the sandpaper.

I wasn’t turned off by the finickiness of this formula so I will probably try another bottle from this brand; probably without glitter to get a feel for it. Have you tried it?

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