Wait N’Sea Blue

I’ve been feeling a lack of blue in my life lately so you can expect to see many new blue hues in the posts to come. Beginning with today’s China Glaze Wait N’ Sea from their summer Off Shore collection. 

It is a lovely color but a bit finicky to get a smooth application. As you can see here, one coat is a bit sheer:

One coat of Wait N'Sea on my nails.

But two coats offers a nice opaqueness that I appreciate.

My review of China Glaze Wait N'Sea blue nail polish.

I decided to top it off with a Hard Candy top coat — first time using this brand, picked it up on a whim. It looks more like confetti polka dots than glitter and I loves it. It takes a bit of manipulation to move the confetti around but surprisingly the formula was quite forgiving. I only used one coat. I think it looks awesome with the Wait N’ Sea.

Topped off with a Hard Candy confetti top coat.

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* Wait N’ Sea is available at Nail Polish Canada
* Wait N’ Sea is available at Amazon.com

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