Punch Drunk Pink

I love the colour of Sally Hansen’s Punch Drunk pink/purple nail polish that many bloggers have likened in colour to the “Radiant Orchid” colour of the year although I find this more on the pink side. Regardless it is a lovely color.

My review of Sally Hansen's Punch Drunk nail polish in 440.

I only used one coat to cover my nails and as always Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure wide brush makes all the difference in application — I don’t think there is anything else I haven’t said already in previous posts about this brand.

I love the pretty shade of pink with a hint of purple.

It is all about the colour and while I don’t feel stupefied or disoriented it definitely makes me happy. I think Sally has another winner with this one.

The color is reminiscent of Radiant Orchid but I don't think it is an exact match but still, close enough for us average josie's.

Have you tried Punch Drunk yet?

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